Schmidt: “We Can Make US $ 10 Billion Per Year with Android”

Despite Google does not charge for the use of your little robot program, that does not mean that the web giant has no plans to bill a good money with it. When asked during an interview with the Wall Street Journal about the company’s plans to raise up to $ 10 billion per year with the operating system, Eric Schmidt explained: “Android has a billion users around the world, ever thought how much money can make it?”.

Schmidt in all, “it is sufficient that each user spent $ 10 (equivalent to R $ 17) per year with content” so that the value came to billions of dollars.

Despite the numbers look modest from the perspective of the powerful boss of the company, it appears to be overly optimistic when compared to the profits Apple with its dominant iTunes Store, which earned “only” $ 1.8 billion in 2009.

Anyway, one of the ways to make this minimally viable plan are distribution agreements that the company intends to sign soon with newspapers, record companies and television networks for the mobile market, which break should play once wood Campfire war Google versus Apple in the mobile content distribution market.