Screenshot With Android – so it’s Samsung Galaxy S6, S7, Huawei & co.

A screenshot from the mobile phone display can be useful – and with the correct keyboard shortcut that is quickly and easily made. We show you how to create a screenshot on Android.

A simple key combination is enough to create a screenshot on Android devices such as a Smartphone or a tablet. What was earlier still complicated, is now extremely easy, because since Android 4.0 (ice cream sandwich) Google has (almost) unifies the screenshot function under Android.

Take screenshot on most Android devices

With the following combination of keys, take a picture of the screen on most Android – there are exceptions!

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Screenshot with Huawei, HTC, and most other mobile phones: you hold at the same time, the power button and the volume down key until you hear a recording or a short animation confirms that the screenshot of the screen was created.

Location: usually the system saves the screenshots in the folder / pictures / screenshots of the internal memory or an SD card – depending on the setting. Part is the screenshot folder but also in the DCIM folder.

Create screenshots with Galaxy-S6 – S7 and other Samsung phones: the keyboard shortcut works on most Android. Some manufacturers, including Samsung, prefer an own combination. Hold down the power button along with the home button in this case, to create the screenshot. How the screenshot feature for example with Samsung devices.

Share screenshot

Of course, you can also share your captured screen. In most cases, the option will be shown directly after the screenshot at the bottom of “Parts or sending”. Tap, select the appropriate platform such as Gmail, Facebook, Whatsapp and co. and send the screenshot. In the notifications menu the info will be shown in addition “Screenshot taken up”. Here, too, you have the option to send the picture.

Or you can go the classic route over the gallery where the screenshot as an image is stored and divided as such.