Service to Share Data at Vodafone Becomes More Flexible, Reduction in Price Included

Internet Mobile browsing continues to gain weight within the mobile rates so it is usual that increasingly, innovations that present operators are related data such as presented today Vodafone with its renewed service “Share your data”.

For when the tethering is not a viable alternative, operators launched multiSIM services that allow data included in a rate from multiple SIM card usage different and provide connectivity to tablet computers or other equipment. Now Vodafone replaces its previous service multi-device new hires from November 3 the new shares your data that has a cost of 4 euros (VAT included) from the 6.05 euros it cost so far although we also found other improvements.

Share your data becomes more flexible and is that from now on you can choose data much like to allocate your rate to the secondary SIM card to Choose from 200MB, 500MB, 1GB, or all data rate and thus be able to ensure that a secondary SIM does not end with the maximum speed you might need on the main line data.

In addition, you can now enjoy Optionally purchasing a device next to the secondary SIM card to choose between a MiFi or a tablet with the following conditions:

  • MiFi modem R215 by a one-time payment of 59 euros for single payment (12 months of tenure at Vodafone)
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 10.1 for 269 euros of one-time payment more 24 times of 2 euros.
  • Huawei MediaPad 10 Link + Gold 169 euros and deadlines of 2 euros.
  • Vodafone Smart Tab 4 8 ” for 99 euros and other 24 terms of 2 euros per month.

The service remains free for users with rate Red XL, is limited to a maximum of 4 SIM additional for each customer and it is compatible with extra data if bonds at some point in time, you prefer to sail at full speed after finishing the traffic originally included.

It’s the most expensive service with respect to its competitors where we found a price of 3.63 euros with Movistar y Yoigo While in Orange up to 1 euro reduces the cost, although in these cases it is not as flexible as the alternative of Vodafone, but if we had to take into account that Movistar is the only one with free datasharing, i.e. the only one who can unify the gigs of the rates for the entire family in a single bond to be shared among all to optimize their consumption.