Service Uses Your DNA to Predict Twitter Tweets

Because of the current oceans of applications and services that use Twitter, it’s a little hard to be noticed. Not only by the amount of programs and websites that already do something with the social network of 140 characters, but also that many of the ideas have already been made. So it’s interesting when something appears original and is successful on the network. This is the case of That can be my next tweet, a site that is not ashamed to have a name and URL larger than normal.

Created by programmer unoccupied (they always!) Wimer “Monokai”, the service creates DNA-based tweets from your profile on Twitter, according to the description in the page footer. What it does is get the tweets ever published by a user and based on them, which will predict your future tweets. The results are more possible hilarious, as you can see in the image above tweet, created from the account TB.

Among other options, it also found that “This, the 2nd round of e-mail beautiful and suggestion of employees: will not sell Blu-ray rewritable 100” and “Hack for Mac OS and Windows: Was this question service Thanks! We recommend that you spend time already “would be two tweets that the profile of TB publish also based on what we already tweeted.

Likes? Has a profile on Twitter? Access already That can be my next tweet and use it when your inspiration is at levels below normal. And you do not want to name Clarice Lispector or claim time.