Share Your Iphone

The headphones that come with the Iphone 3 g is good, but they are not sufficient way if one is more like for example want to watch movies or listen to music. With the headset from Santok is a brand that makes you so can simultaneously use both original headset from Apple and the new headset.

In practice it works both as a headset at the same time so if any caller can both people talk. Mostly, however, you get to take advantage of this if you’re going to watch a movie or listen to several people.

The headset itself works just like it that comes with the Iphone 3 g. A press the cord remote control starts such as music (or respond if there is an incoming call) and a double pressure switch song.

However, it is much more difficult to get to a double tap Santeks headset and the sound is not as rich as in the regular headset. It is so called in-ear trick which allows the isolation from ambient sound will be better, but it doesn’t do much for the audio experience that although it becomes deficient. This applies both for you who listen and you talk with on the phone.

Is the earphone the branch you are looking for, such may be purchased for around 50 KR and is probably a better choice.