Site Suggests Intelligent Oneplus Watch Launch

OnePlus company may be about to launch a smart watch. The information is the website BGR and have as a source leaked images of a supposed site of presentation of the smartwatch clock. Official confirmation for the company was made so far.

However, as can be read on a topic of discussion hosted by Reddit Forum, two of the founders of OnePlus ended up generating enough glow about the rumor after posting a suggestive answer to the question “is there any interest in launching a OnePlus clock”?

The message sent by executives about a symbol known to who participates in conversations in online environments — the reference to the icon of happiness is made (see image below). Developers do not deny, in principle, the company plans to build a smart wristwatch.

In addition to these speculations, another image supplied to the BGR site displays sketches of what may be the future OnePlus watch. Aspects and components such as wireless recharge through technology Iq, Sapphire screen with LED lights and curved battery are displayed.

The OnePlus One is a good quality smartphone in the U.S., can be purchased for $349 – it is expected that, if the launch of the smart watch is made, the price of the accessory does not exceed the value mentioned. The similarities of design shown by supposedly leaked sketches with the Bike 360 are notable, that is to say. Follow our news and stay on top of any updates about this rumor.