Six Rumors to Launch The Iwatch

São PAULO–the event that/of Apple Headquarters on Tuesday, 9, may be a historic day for the company founded by Steve Jobs: in addition to the rumors that the company would release a new version of your/their smartphone, the iPhone, you/which can reach the end the/of period of rumors that has lasted more than 18 months that the company could launch a smart watch , nicknamed by the press of iWatch.

The first rumor about the unit emerged in January 2013-from there/here to here/there, the rival system from Apple, Android, has won at least a dozen devices of the genre, with major brands such as Samsung, Motorola, LG and Sony. The arrival of the Apple industry, however, can move the market, as well as attract/accarting new fans to the smart watches, seduced by the power of the Apple brand. The device would be even the first ‘new device’ announced by Tim Cook, current CEO of the company.

Like all Apple iWatch launch is cause for many rumors. Next, check out the main of them, trying to give clues about how will the new Apple device work at

  1. unbreakable 1.6 inch Screen

The screen size of iWatch is one of the main reasons of debate about Apple’s clock: it has been said that he would have two models, with different sizes (1.3 inches and 2.5 inches), but the latest rumors that the final version of the device will have an OLED screen with 1.6 inch, rectangle and curve slightly with touchscreen, in compass with major recent releases-the Bike 360, Motorola, has 1.56 inch screen, and the Gear S, Samsung has 2-inch screen. Just as it is/ supposed to the iPhone 6, iWatch should come with a screen of Sapphire, supposedly “unbreakable”. In addition, the device may also have a wireless charging system.

  1. Mobile payment

Regarded as one of the most important news to be announced on the iPhone 6, near-field technology (NFC, the acronym in English) may be present also in the iWatch. Used especially for mobile payments, NFC can show a iWatch differential relative to other smart watches, helping its users to make purchases and payments without you need/needing to put your hand in your pocket, just a click or a voice command to complete the transaction.

  1. Emphasis on health and wellness

Experts are betting that one of the main focuses for the iWatch is in the area of fitness and health. Some reasons point to it: Apple’s partnership with Nike, the company that was responsible for Fuelband, bracelet devoted to who does exercises; the big emphasis on iOS 8 to HealthKit, app that comes with tools for health monitoring and physical activities; and the ten different sensors that the watch must have, as a heart rate sensor and an accelerometer that can measure how many steps give the user–a great tool for those who make walks or runs.

  1. Connected Home

Another highlight of the launch of the 8 iOS was the Home Kit, set of specifications that can help Apple to enter the business of internet of things and the/ connected home. With him, and appliances connected objects (such as lamps, door-locks, thermostats, security cameras and appliances) can be controlled through smartphones, tablets, and … of the iWatch, whose system of touch screen and voice control can fit perfectly in the integration.

  1. Own apps store

As is already the case with Android, Google-specific Wear system for wearable devices, the iWatch can count on a store application itself, according to Our site points, blog specialized in coverage of the Apple. According to the report, developers work with a software development kit released by Apple, including Facebook. Some people believe that, if the iWatch is a sales/sale success, he can start a new race to application development, as has happened after the launch of iPhone and iPad.

  1. Price, estimated sales and arrival to the market

The price of the iWatch is perhaps one of the biggest unknowns about the appliance: reports and estimates of analysts are betting that the smart clock should cost between $200 and $300, with a Deluxe version being sold at $400. The expectation of analysts is that the appliance sale at least 30 million units in the first year after your/their arrival in stores, which must take to happen. According to rumors published by the American website Re/code, the iWatch is with your late production scale and should hit the market in 2015.