Skype Earns Integration with Facebook Chat

The Skype is getting more social gradually. In the latest version of Skype Beta for Windows, we can see for the first time the integration of VoIP application with Facebook. This is the first step for users of Skype and Facebook start to talk to each other, in a further effort to interoperability (complicated word, that).

A bar with Facebook contacts was added to the test application. The user can click on it and view the list of contacts available to talk via chat. In some, you can even speak via audio – the great decoy Skype – as long as the user accounts on Skype and Facebook are associated.

You can download Skype Beta here. However, the warning is: 20 MB of software testing stage can do damage. On my machine, Skype was quite slow when first initialized. Also, I could not move from window to login to Facebook, since the application has locked up and do not want to come back to life. I do not know if it’s something general or peeve of Skype for me. Anyway, avoid installing the Beta on your work machine.

According to Skype 5.5 Beta also includes a new call control bar ( “with redesigned graphic icons”) and the use of Email status of friends on Facebook. Nothing revolutionary, I know.

It is worth remembering that the Live Messenger also offers integration with Facebook. Like Skype, chat is made ​​mainly of text. Just do not think that the arrival of Skype to Facebook has to do with the purchase of service by MS, as the company led by Steve Ballmer is not controlling Skype.