Slimroms-The Sleek Alternative To Cyanogenmod

Slimroms provides a custom ROM that is limited to the essentials and without any unnecessary ballast. We will show you whether this is enough for daily operations.

Many older devices have a weak processor and little memory, For this, you need a custom ROM as slim. This gap attempts to close Slimroms, The Wi-Fi version of the current nexus 7, it comes out with around 150 MB. This lightness fortunately not necessarily finds himself in the feature set. Slimroms offers many functions, particularly with regard to security and ease of use.

User interface and appearance

After the first start, who was incidentally, amazingly fast, register the device with a very Spartan background and a curved blue line.

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The scope of supply of the in-house applications is very straightforward. The aim is also a sleek custom ROM. The three included apps are an IRC client to chat, a file manager and a set of developer tools. They hide behind the app “Dev Tools”. In it, you have, for example, access to the installed program packages or a technical overview of the configuration.

If you don’t need the applications, you can disable them within the “Slimcenters”. On the tab “Slimsizer” you will find an overview of all installed APKs.

Personalize Slimroms

You will never have to comfort functions as a user despite the slim Rome. Slimroms has a number of enhancements, especially from the “Navigation” area. They see the same menu item in the settings. Within the menu “a / from” set, which points at the press of the trigger should be visible. The menu you can extend to your own applications or also for Android-specific features. They are then button available. A further menu to the function “the real dark slim” switch on / switch off. It is a theme that dims the screen colors.

As a launcher, Slimroms is currently on the “Slimlauncher”. This has a number of interesting features that include the ability to control your tablet or Smartphone via gestures. Different wiping gesture, as well as the classic Zusammenund are pulled apart by several fingers available. You call the corresponding settings on the properties of the navigation bar.

Different navigation options

The functionality of the navigation ring behind the term “Slimpie”. This offers you from the lock screen, but also by the home screen access to the configured applications and functions. He appears with a wiping gesture that you start from the left edge of the screen. The ring is constructed in two rows.

The three standard functions in the navigation bar are located in the inner part of the ring. The outer ring is primarily for your own requirements and can be equipped with features and apps.

Your tablet or Smartphone has a motion sensor, you can configure and set up different actions in the “shake”events: horizontal and vertical shaking and back and forth shaking.

In the navigation bar, set the buttons that appear on the bottom of the screen. Slimroms allows you in addition to the three standard keys (home, back, and running applications) add additional buttons. Either link system functions like a screen shot or even calling apps to it. The clear presentation of the running apps is useful in this context. These are not shown on the Android standard at a time, but they appear in a list at the right edge of the screen. By clicking on the switch to the appropriate application. If you remove the preview image by wiping gesture from the list, the application exits.

In addition to the Slimpie there as an alternative to the possibility of a navigation ring at the bottom of the screen. It is also used to quickly call of your preferred applications.You add them via the menu of the ring targets. The ring appears, if you make a wiping gesture from bottom to top. On the ring, placing their own functions and apps that you can control during your wiping gesture.

Control access of the app

Also the issue of security is not too short at Slimroms. You will find the corresponding settings under “Security, privacy”. In this menu, you can deny access to your data all newly installed apps. There is also a finer rights assignment available. For this you click on the corresponding list entry long. You see then all permissions that the app has requested, and can approve them individually or withdraw again.

Also worth mentioning is the option which you can use to encrypt your device. While the complete contents are protected and the data be released again by entering correct PIN code or the correct password.

The custom ROM flash goes wrong – what now?

Features of Slimcenters

This setting hides three tabs. “Slimroms” is a collection of links, you get roughly on the site of the project, donate money to the developer or contact them via IRC.

It is a little more concrete on the second tab “Slimota”. This refers to updates to your Rome and offers access to different parts of the Slimroms Web site as the download area for Google apps or news about the custom ROM.


Slimroms provides the proper base for all users who want to concentrate on the essentials and have few resources available. It has convenience functions for navigation and personalization and integrated safety functions.

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