Slow Applications And Low Battery Limit Appeal of Apple Watch

São PAULO–the smart clock from Apple can make life easier for people always on the move, according to critics, but the device has received bad grades in terms of battery life and your applications are slow to load.

The clock, the first new product released by Apple under the management of Chief Executive Tim Cook, will hit stores on April 24.

“For now, the Apple Watch is for pioneers,” wrote Geoffrey Fowler, the Wall Street Journal. “I wouldn’t pay the $1000 price of model I tested, only to see a significant improvement in the product in a short time (with a new version).”

The criticism published this Wednesday, 8, talked about the relatively short battery life–up to 18 hours ago, Apple-and said that applications will need to be improved so that they can be loaded more quickly.

“There’s virtually nothing I can’t make faster or better with access to a laptop or cell phone except maybe to tell time,” said Nilay Patel, who made criticism of the clock to the site The Verge.

Load an application requires the clock pull massive amounts of data from iPhones, said Patel, adding that Apple told him that future software updates will deal with the problems of performance.

“The maps application, surely the answer to dreams of pedestrians lost, is so slow it makes me want to use my Rand McNally of paper,” said Fowler, in reference to a map guide.

Paired with an iPhone, the clock allows users to check emails, listen to music and make calls. The watch also monitors the health of the user – for example monitoring the heartbeat.

The Apple Watch Sport will be priced starting at $349, while the “Edition” version, will cost from $10000.

Analysts at EZINERELIGION.COM said that they expect 8 million sales of watch units this year, which should contribute with about 1.7% of revenues or $4 billion from sales of Apple.