“Smart Home” Via Android TV

Logitech has released Logitech Harmony app for Android TV. The app, currently in beta, allows you to control the activities and other devices directly from the interface of the TV, rather than resorting to remotes or other devices (smartphones and tablets, for example). The application has been optimized for Android Sony TV and can be installed by accessing Google Play Store (Securitypology.com includes all the official details).

For a full and proper functioning is necessary to have a Harmony Hub (all versions are supported by the most comprehensive and updated Harmony Elite to the single Hub). This accessory, which is normally used to control devices that require wireless (not infrared) via remote controls or mobile app, you need to connect the TV with light bulbs, thermostats, Consul, sources of any type, etc (the reason is obvious: normally the TV receive commands but not send them).

Using the application you can manage tasks, always been the strong point of the Logitech remotes. The activities comprise all controls assigned to the use of certain devices. You can adjust the volume to a home cinema set, input selection on TV and changing channels on an external decoder, all without the need for multiple remotes.

Logitech illustrates some possibilities of activities: “Movie Night” Dim the lights and blinds to let you enjoy movies, and “Good Morning” turns the lights on, starts the coffee machine and offers the favorite station for news. You can of course also simply check the individual devices, such as switching on or off the lights. It is therefore a software designed both for the management of simple products for both the so-called “Smart Home”.