Smart Watches From Apple Comes To Brazil This Friday

Apple began selling the Smart Watch Apple Watch in Brazil this Friday, 16, the first intelligent clock company of Tim Cook. With prices ranging between 2900 and 135,000 R$ R$, the watch is available in Brazil in 12 different models, with different choices of bracelets.

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Launched more than five months in various countries of the world, the Watch was available on the official website of Apple at midnight, a company tradition, but there was no launch at dawn in physical stores. The clock can also be purchased at the official store of the Morumbi Shopping in Sao Paulo; at Apple Store for the Village Mall, in Rio de Janeiro.

Among the models offered, the Sport is the cheapest. With a 38 mm Silver box, he leaves by R$ 2900. It is still possible to buy a larger version, with 42 mm box, which costs R$ 3300.

There is an intermediate version, which is also available in sizes of 38 mm or 42 mm, with 4600 and R$ R$ price 5000. The only differences of the model relative to Watch Sport are the stainless steel case and Sapphire crystal display.

The most expensive model is the Apple Watch Edition, which costs from 80000 R$. He brings a 38 mm box made in 18 carat gold pink and gold colors. You can choose a larger size and different bracelets, but the price can reach 135,000 R$.

You can still customize the watch with 16 different color choices of bracelets. To have one of them, however, you will need to shell out at least 329 R$. A metal bracelet and made links, on the other hand, costs about 3600 R$.

Remember that all models use the same software and have the same technical specifications. What changes, only, are the external features of the watch.

The Watch comes to Country after presenting a weak overall performance. According to data from research firm retail Slice, the drop in sales of the clock reached 90% since the launch.