Smart Watches: With Separate Internet Connection And Transparent Screen

Samsung prepares a smartwatch that also has 3G connection itself; while Kairos promises a conventional wristwatch that adds a translucent screen.


Samsung is developing a smart watch ( “smartwatch”) that can make or receive calls without having to be linked to a mobile phone, reported on Friday the Wall Street Journal .


Samsung, the world’s largest producer of smartphones, is negotiating with mobile operators in the United States, South Korea and Europe by the so-called “watch phone” ( “watch-phone”), which would be presented to the market in June and July, the Journal said citing people familiar with the plans of the company.


Wristomo, cell-clock NTT DoCoMo

Wristomo, cell-clock NTT DoCoMo. Photo: File

The “smartwatch” currently on the market, as the line Gear of Samsung , the Sony Smartwatch or future Motorola Moto 360 , among many others , have to be connected to a telephone to receive and send messages and perform other basic functions .



But the new Samsung device, which will have the Tizen operating software company, would be independent, although this would mean paying another line cell phone.


At the same time, this new team could take pictures and manage emails independently. In addition, I will come equipped with a heart monitor, the newspaper reported.



Samsung team would not be the first time able to make calls; in 2003 the Japanese operator NTT DoCoMo offered a cell phone wrist, Apple iTune. Samsung had a similar device for the time that did not go on sale.


The Kairos transparent


Meanwhile, a company called Kairos says that later this year will have on the market a watch that combines the best of traditional watchmaking segment to computer science .



Thus, a conventional watch bracelet, with mechanisms Swiss or Japanese origin (you can choose); on them, a transparent LCD screen bring conventional computing part (see notifications that reach the smartphone, who calls us, etc.).


The company is not well known and many doubt the veracity of his claims; the team come true, will be priced between 500 and 1200 dollars, which leaves him far above conventional smart watches, which around $ 300.


It will be available from December to next March, depending on the model. Even if reality is not done, it shows what for many is the ideal smartwatch: A wrist-worn device that is intelligent, but that looks like a normal watch.