Smarter Growth: Garmin’s New Fenix ​​5 And Its Features!

The Garmin brand is well-known for the development of GPS navigation and leisure devices.With the addition of the new Garmin series to the new Fenix ​​5, the brand meets all requirements, because for each target group, there is the right model in which the functions and the design have been adapted. Different design variants with many new features, appeal to the sport lovers of all directions alike.

What can the Fenix ​​5?
The Fenix ​​5 models have an optimized Garmin Elevate heart rate sensor, which offers extended comfort and convenience. It was now installed flat into the housing and leaves no imprint when worn. They are equipped with either an anti-reflective mineral or scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, behind which a high-resolution Chroma color display is shown. To carry the Smartwatches individually, the QuickFit function allows the wristbands to be exchanged without tools by hand. The watch interfaces and data fields can also be personalized. In addition to the multi-sport functions and track, route and waypoint navigations, an exciting group and live tracking is now available. So you can go adventure with friends and motivate each other to new best performances. Also, the recharge times have been improved so that the Smartwatch can last up to 24 hours in GPS mode and approximately 14 days in Smartwatch mode.
To the Fenix ​​5 there are still two other models, Fenix ​​5S and Fenix ​​5X, which are each equipped with target-group-appropriate designs.

What can the Fenix ​​5S?
The Fenix ​​5S is especially designed for fashion-conscious athletes with narrow wrists. Although it has a slimmer design, it has the same features as the Fenix ​​5. So you do not have to do without the sports and navigation functions, as well as many smart features, and can combine them well into the everyday outfit. The recharge time in GPS mode is approx. 14 hours, whereas in everyday life it is only necessary to recharge it after approx. Nine days in the Smartwatch mode. The Fenix ​​5S also has a heart rate meter built into the case, which is no longer noticeable.

What can the Fenix ​​5X?

The Fenix ​​5X is especially interesting for outdoor adventurers, because the robust case and a scratch-resistant sapphire glass ensure reliability in nature. In addition to the typical smart multi-functional functions of the Fenix ​​5 series, it has a new map design. This is where a map of Europe has been installed that allows GPS navigation without a smartphone. The Smartwatch knows its own cycle paths and golf courses. In GPS mode, it can last approximately 20 hours, while it must be recharged in Smartwatch mode after 12 days.

The new Fenix ​​5 series from Garmin has therefore specialized in the different target groups and convinces us with individuality. This way you can count them equally in everyday life as well as in nature as a faithful companion.