Snabbtestat: Sony RDP-XF100iP

Sony’s speaker solution for Iphone adds a long awaited feature – FM-radio.

peakers for Iphone is launched in a never-ending stream. RDP-XF100iP is with a price tag of just under $3000, far from the cheapest, but for your money you get a big piece with good sound and useful features. By tapping the front folds the docking connector at the front and you can plug in their iPhones or iPods. The device comes with a sleek remote control so it can control the music player without having to touch your phone’s screen. If you want to connect another audio source so there is a 3.5-millimetersingång, but then works the remote control only, of course, to control the volume.

The unit is good to carry around and has a rechargeable battery that lasts 7 hours, according to specifications. On the top there is a classic telescopic antenna and RDP-XF100iP has a built-in FM radio that complements the Iphone music. Even the radio can be controlled from the remote control and there is an OLED display that shows the currently set station.

Overall, RDP-XF100iP speaker a well-functioning solution, but some things could Sony made better. The power supply delivers 20 volts, so it is not possible to operate the unit directly on the electrical system in a boat or caravan. Standard batteries had also been able to make RDP-XF100iP more flexible on the trip.