Software and Service Test: Versatile Communication Software

Fring is a program that brings together several programs and services for VoIP and chat all in one place. There are a number of such programmes but Fring impresses by its versatility and, in one case nearly outdo what the company behind the service.

The main impress me is that, amongst the other services have managed to get with Skype with the ability to both chat and conversation. To create a working Skype client for Series 60 has been problematic even for Skyp but Fring has succeeded.

When we try to make a Skype call with Fring conveyed it as data in the 3 g network. The sound quality is of course worse than when calling a normal voice calls but we still think it sounds good. To make a call like that obviously means sending and downloading large amounts of data, Fring said that during a one-hour call consumes approximately 5 megabytes. In order to be able to use it without it costing too much, should, therefore, take out one of the add-on packs for data that operators offer. But you can of course also choose to only use the chat features of Fring, then the data will cost to use the program never get particularly high. The mere possibility of being able to chat via different chat services is positive in itself.

Fring enables the user to, in addition to Skype, also use GoogleTalk and MSN Messenger. In order to use the services you must of course have acquired accounts for each of these. In addition, you must have a special account with Fring. The program can be perceived as a bit winded but to use but I think the benefits of having multiple communications capabilities in a single application. The program is still being developed, and unfortunately fully functional version for more of the latest Nokia models. N80 is the only model with w-lan as there is a fully developed version of the program. Unfortunately, neither N80 version completely free of bugs and it pulls down the overall impression one.


Name: Fring

For: Series 60 2nd Edition and 3rd Edition

Tested on: Nokia N80