Software That Turns Your Mobile Phone into the Router

Share on mobile broadband? We have tested two mobile applications that enable you to use your Wlan equipped mobile phone Internet router.

Joikuspot Premium

Test Phone: Nokia N97

Platforms: Windows Mobile, Symbian S60

Finnish developed JoikuSpot is available in two versions and works on both phones based on Symbian S60 and Windows Mobile. The features in the free version is very limited and the computers you connect to the router cannot use any protocols other than http. In addition, users will be sent first to a page from the manufacturer of the program before they can access the rest of the Web. The premium version of the application is the more to offer.

After installation of the program would it feel free to get started and share your 3 g connection directly. Fortunately the application in all cases the sense to first ask for which connection to use, and you can simply choose to cancel to not start Internet sharing at one time. The settings for the router can only be accessed while the dividend is not running. It is possible to change the name of the wlan network to what you like and you can choose a password for the encryption protection in the wep format that the program offers.

When network access is set up and protected by own elected settings displays a list of the devices that are connected via w-lan to the phone. Here you can manually go in and see how long the device has been connected and get statistics about network traffic to and from it. In the status tab displays general statistics on programanvändandet. Purely informative works this good, but enough had been able to afford a nicer interface with graphical elements instead of just text.


Test Phone: Nokia N97

Platforms: Windows Mobile, Symbian S60

Competing program WalkingHotSpot is just like JoikuSpot available both for Symbian S60 phones and Windows Mobile phones. Also there is support for wep encryption standard.

As far as the UI is Walking HotSpot is clearly superior to the graphics liberated JoikuSpot. In the main program menu, you’ll see a bunch of round circles lit up depending on how many people are connected to your phone. By clicking on the icons you can bring up information about the connected client’s mac address and it is also possible to block this either permanently or until you reconnect the Internet connection the next time. In the main menu, you see a stack over how much battery life your phone has left which is great because this type of applications, of course, draws a lot of power.

In the settings of the program it is possible to set so that it uses less power, which among other things makes the saving effort with regard to the strength of w-lananslutningen. It is also possible to set up the program so that it automatically disconnects the connection after a period of inactivity or if the battery drops below a certain level. Unlike JoikuSpot, you won’t be able to see statistics on how much network traffic that individual connected clients. While setting possibilities is more in WalkingHotSpot than JoikuSpot is thus the statistics in it something lame.