Solid Bluetooth Headset with Flaws

Ergonomic and robust design promises well for a headset of this type. But all that glitters is not gold.

First impressions are positive and expectations high. The headset is big and a little clumsy, but tailored for the person sitting on the phone all day. Ergonomics is therefore prior formats. It goes without saying that the closer the mouth to get the microphone the better conditions for good sound, it has.

Therefore, it is perhaps a little surprising that the sound is not impressive. Expect a crystal clear sound and a real professional headsets will be disappointed, because the sound is perceived as easy as a little tinny, especially of the person you’re talking to. That a headset with the headband, by definition, more ergonomic and better than one to put on your ear, I also find it difficult to agree, especially if you have a haircut to defend.

For the comfort you feel instead that robust format as a disadvantage and we are constantly aware that you have the headset on, and then especially if you walk around the Office because the headset sits perfectly steady.

The price includes desktop stand/charger and accessories include a usb dongle that allows the headset can be used for Skype on your computer.