Solid Craftsmanship

By Linus BrohultDen is thin. It is in brushed steel with a rubberized back. Sony Ericsson’s new 3 g-mobile resembles not the company’s previous models. But even inside the shell feels craftsmanship solid.

We have seen Samsung and Motorola get with more and more thin phones. Metal and rubber has replaced the plastic in many shells. This has hardly been a pioneer Sony Ericsson. But now hooks you on trend, and to do it with a vengeance.

W880 feels thinner and smaller than many other things in mobilväg. Sony Ericsson W880, however, is not only a välborstad surface. This is a mobile phone in the Walkman series with 3 g and many great features. In the box are in-ear headphones. The memory card that comes with the is of 1 gigabyte.

But let’s start with the shell, for that is what makes this phone something extra. Although I am testing mobiles constantly and all the time I can’t remember when a test phone last attracted such attention among friends and acquaintances. It’s not just that it is thin, but also the clear steel shell with rubber back. In fact, it’s easy to feel comfortable with the feel of his hand too, not least the rubberized back gives a pleasant feeling.

However, what is a little harder to get used to is the keypad. The keys are very small and are also relatively close. It is easy to access the wrong button. After a while I got used to me and then it was mostly good, but I do not have very large hands. For sms writing is W880 due to the small close-fitting keys no top phone unfortunately.

Also the control buttons are actually unnecessary, as this will cause printing errors. Buttons are located below the screen in three small ring formations. But such as are button the browser very tightly into the back-button. Now I like in and of itself, the browser in this phone, but it’s still a little disturbing when I happen to trigger it by accident when I’m looking in the message menu.

W880 is a mobile phone in the Walkman series, and 3 g support is good especially for multimedia. I was listening to the radio, for example via the 3 g network. One thing that I did via 3 g was actually to watch television via the operator’s television service. It worked fine with, but you have to have the headphones plugged in then for the experience, the sound of the phone’s built-in speaker is too weak for television viewing.

That, of course, has also seen W880 3 g in that it has a small camera for video calling above the screen.

Sony Ericsson is one of the manufacturers who invest a lot of effort into good features for the mobile internet on their phones. It is also noticeable in the W880. The browser is Netfront, and it actually works to browse regular Web pages despite the phone’s small screen. But most joy has one of mobile-friendly Web pages (you can find our list of links to such pages by surfing with your mobile phone to

Above all, it is good that there is an RSS client in the W880. Browsing I, for example, our site, I get an RSS icon in the bottom corner, and then I can save the RSS address. (RSS can also be entered manually.) RSS is supported by almost all news services online and get the latest news in brief form downloaded to your phone.

W880 also supports Sony Ericsson feature for blogging their camera pictures to a personal blog page on the internet. Do you take a picture, you can directly in the menu choose to send it to the blog, and the first time you do this, InfoPath creates a blog page with free service Blogger (if you choose not to fill in an existing account).

The camera is not otherwise this phone’s strongest side. It is a 2-megapixel camera that delivers clear approved images, but without the harshness that you get in, for example, the Sony Ericsson W610 or K800.

Pictures can also be sent as a multimedia message, via e-mail, or via bluetooth. (Self I will email my photos to Flickr instead.) You do not need to activate the Blog feature, even if it is clever.

E-mail is also a feature that works well on the W880. Unfortunately, the lack of a “wizard” that had made it easier for inexperienced users to make the settings, but the email application is neat and well functioning. The whole message menu is actually one of the strong points of this phone.

The music player is best reached by a small orange button that sits at the top of the side of the phone. When the player is running, the touch pad under the screen new feature: Center button means playback or pause, for example. Layout of the player is logical and easy. The songs are sorted on the artists, album, song name, genre and playlists.

When I selected the music I want in my ears, I just click on the little orange button on the side of the phone so I can use the phone normally again, with the music started. Walkman button toggles between music player and phone mode.

The music player is recognized from previous Sony Ericsson Walkman lurking. The new TrackID feature found on the W880, and it means that I will record a few seconds of a song from the phone’s radio, or from a radio in the room. When the phone recorded the sound, it sends off the track to The huge song database. In return, information about the song’s artist, album art and album. If your mobile carrier supports there is also a link to a mobile music store where I can directly download the song to your mobile memory.

The contacts in your address book are sorted in a list, and clicking my way right and left directly in the list I can get different phone numbers, and e-mail addresses for the contact. By clicking on the options button to display all contact information with address and other things. It is possible to set a specific ringtone for that contact. It is also possible to add a variety of other tasks to your contacts, such as a picture, the person’s birthday, which then can automatically be added to your phone’s calendar as a yearly reminder. Five phone numbers can be stored for each contact. The maximum number of contacts that can be stored in the phone is 1000.

In the box are also following the Sony Ericsson software PC Suite and usb sync cable for connection to pc. I myself joined the cordless phone via bluetooth to your PC and sync without cord.

A good thing for those of us who like to use many features is a new programväljar button used to switch between different applications and functions that you have running at the same time.

In General feels W880 solid and well made in more ways than one. The small buttons, pull down a tad, but this phone will appeal to many mobile phone buyers, was so confident.


Samsung F300 can perhaps be an exciting competitor once it comes out, because it is a music mobile phone with almost exactly the same dimensions. But Samsung F300 lacks 3 g, on the other hand, it FM radio.

Plus and minus



Quality feeling


The music player




Camera without autofocus

No FM radio

Question & answers

How good the music is the headset that comes with?

The headphones that come with in-ear is lurking that plugs into the ear. They are good enough for most, but I prefer my “real” headphones, and I could also use. The headset cord is split. In the middle of the microphone and a 3.5-mm-contact where you can connect your favorite headphones.


Telephony & data8


System and program8


Materials & kvalitet9

Rating: 82%

Top score

Mobile recommends

Sony Ericsson W880i

Type: Triple band gsm and 3 g

Weight: 71 g

Dimensions: 103 x 46.5 x 9.4 mm

Talk time: 6 HR 30 min with gsm

Standby time: 425 hours

Internet and data features: 3 g, Gprs, bluetooth, email, browser (Netfront), RSS reader, SyncML, update via internet

Connection to pc/mac: Yes, connection to pc via bluetooth or data cable and software included.

Voice control: Yes, voice dialing and voice mail

Ringtones: Polyphonic and mp3 ringtones, as well as the ability to download more

Phone book: up to 1000 entries with multiple names, numbers, e-mail addresses, URL, note, regular address and image

Screen: Tft screen with 240 x 320 pixels, 262000 colors

Game: comes with game Quadrapop. Go to download more Java games.

Camera: Built-in with photo light for stills and video. Resolution up to 2.0 megapixel for stills and 176 x 144 pixels for video clips, FaceWarp for image manipulation

Other features: Photo blogging to Blogger, TrackID, MusicMate, Java support, T9, mms, calendar, voice recorder, media player, use code memo, file manager, alarm, PIM sync, Play Now for downloads of ringtones and music tracks from Sony Ericsson’s shop.

Accessories: stereo handsfree, data cable, travel charger included with purchase. Wireless hands-free (bluetooth), car mount, ciggladdare, connectivity to TVs, desktop charger and carrying case is available to buy.

Socket for external antenna: Yes

SAR value: not known

Price: 4400 kroons

12 speed

X Camera

X mail application

X Html

FM radio

X Music Player

X Memory Card Slot


X 3 g


Turbo-3 g


X Bluetooth

Hard facts performance

SP-Soil-test: 1974 total points, images (PNG) 95 points, 3D game 7.1 fps, jwc 2169 p.

Comment: in class with top model Sony Ericsson K800, with the exception of the image test (PNG). Feels fast in the menus.


Hard facts battery

Manufacturer: 6 HR 30 min with gsm

We got: 3 hrs 41 minutes with 3 g

Comment: calls over 3 g always give worse battery life than gsm (even when not running video calls). But the W880 features a surprisingly good battery life, especially given the phone’s small size. Standby time during the test period was also good.