Sonos Faber Chameleon in the Test

The Italian brand Sonus Faber launches a new, affordable boxing series with an elegant leather upholstery and expensively laminated side panels in different colors with Chameleon. The compact speaker sounds far more complexer and emotional than in the entry-level usual. Here our test.

Sonus Faber can visually how sound produce high-class boxes, has spread already in the better circles. Penetrate the top series Amati and Guarneri, which await you with handcrafted unique housings and fine drivers, as usual in five-digit euro areas, but with the 2013 featured Venere series and also with the still dewy Chameleon series Sonus Faber is middle-class compatible.

Until the appearance of the Sonos Faber Chameleon marked the compact box Venere 1.5 with a pair of price of 1,200 euros entry. The Chamelon B (B as Bookshelf) eliminates additional 200 euros. But either optically or haptically the impression here would have ruled the red pencil. In addition: the refined and elaborate jewelry piece is made in Italy, to a large extent even by hand.

While the Venere design is partially characterized by curves, all flat surfaces are announced at the Sonos Faber Chameleon. Front and rear are however not parallel, resulting in a trapezoidal side view. Also, the chassis look slightly upwards, so the box may park quietly a little lower than usual.

The housings are dressed in fine black leather and have lateral grooves are filled in by contrasting side panels. The paint similar to laminated elements are simply stuck, what absolutely rattle free manages small pins and retainer bushings. Any changes to taste or environment, many alternative designs are available for pairwise 100 euro. Pretty detail: In the area of the handle, the brand name is engraved.

Any concerns that had Italians at the technology saved, refuted a glimpse of the inner workings. A textile dome lavishly sized 29 mm diameter and a 15 cm large Konustiefmitteltöner with sized building can sit up friends sound strong boxes.

Happy event was also the temperament of Italian, because while many one dough er boxes rather muted, no speech could be at the Chamelon of pallor. Naturalness and attention to detail were compact boxes typical at a high level, which is why the box especially when more delicate sound examples sounded very much alive.

To do this, the Chameleon had a slightly warm character of reason and seemed nervous at any time. That small boxes can bring no deep bass miracles like perfectionists interfere, however, brings in smaller spaces or when close to a wall more advantages, because so bass problems caused by setting up elegant are circumnavigates. Sonus Faber’s holistic elegant philosophy is fascinating affordable with the Chameleon B.


You can see their class affiliation, often from far away low-priced boxes. Usually submit the budget only for visually more than convenient foils; Lacquer or real wood remain sidelined. With the fine leather and the colored cheeks, the Sonos Faber Chameleon free elegantly out of this predicament. The sound fits the appearance like the fist on the eye: detail and cultivated, but not at all tired. This is great cinema in the minor class.