Sony Ericsson W508 Music Mobile Phone Tested

Fold and music. Not much new under the hood, but still a phone that surely fill many needs. And the music player is so good that I really miss a 3.5 mm plug.

New Sony Ericsson W508 foldable borrows a lot from the T707 as we tested for a couple of issues ago, which in turn borrowed a lot of old Z610. But there are actually a few features that makes it feel more full than sibling model T707.

As usual seems to me and Sony Ericsson opine a bit different about what is interesting with the model. When they think that the changeable covers seem to be the most exciting, I find it more interesting that you got a good solution for the media player, it supports video calls, unlike the T707 and stopped in an accelerometer that makes the screen easier to use.

But if we start on the outside are two shells in the package when I open the box, a white who of course gives the Apple vibes, and one with butterflies and flowers that feels a bit more like the wallpaper in a cafe.

Among the butterfly wings and flower sticks can I find three buttons, two slightly raised on the sides and a slightly sunken between them, it is the buttons that control the music player. They are no loose buttons that click when you press on them but they are touch-sensitive and integrated in the shell.

This makes it a bit difficult to decide if it really happens, when you push, I think that it was necessary to activate the vibration of the keys that feel that it noticed by your touch. The solution is recognized from the model W980 that is in a higher price range.