Sony VAIO SV-T1313L1ES

The Intel dual-core processor core i3 3217U 1.8 gigahertz (GHz) standard frequency of Intel graphics chip HD graphics integrated into the processor is in the Sony VAIO SV T1313L1ES 4000 aside. He does not have a turbo-boost mode like the core i5 processor however. For demanding games (graphics) performance is not enough, the game pace is rather jerky at 10 frames per second in DirectX 11 games. Office applications can run very fast. Photos and videos can be thanks to four gigabytes of memory (expandable) quickly edit.

Represents the touch-sensitive screen on 13.3 inch screen diagonal 1366 x 768 pixels. A fairly high pixel density has the touchscreen with 117.8 dpi (pixels per inch). In the Visual Test convinced the image quality, only skin tones were minimally distorted. Side looking at, but the loss of brightness is quite high and reflections disturb the visual impression. There were no complaints at the sound quality of the audio output.

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the well processed aluminium housing of the Sony VAIO liked large gaps and there are no sharp edges. An additional mouse is not absolutely necessary, because via touchpad, the mouse pointer can be controlled very precisely. Too bad that the keyboard when writing is after something. In addition to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, the VAIO offers a 500-GB hard drive with 24 GB SSD caching a memory card reader, a USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 connector and atypical for a Ultrabook. The SSD memory cannot be used to store files, but to shorten the response time. There is no optical drive. Windows 8 is installed, such as programmes to the backup, video editing and a test version for the Internet protection.

Loud under load
Kept the noise when working with Office applications and surfing with 1.2 sone in the frame, the Sony Ultrabook for challenging tasks was really loud such as putting together a holiday movie with 2.5 sone,. Video playback is pleasantly quiet. With 38.6 degrees, the VAIO in operation was not particularly warm and the electricity consumption amounted to approximately 14 Watts per hour. The lithium-polymer battery lasted at work four hours and 44 minutes (during video playback: 5:19 hours). After about three and a half hours, he is again fully loaded.

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Conclusion: Sony VAIO SV T1313L1ES

The Sony VAIO SV T1313L1ES is a solid Ultrabook in a fancy envelope. The touch screen simplifies browsing in the music collection, but operation is suffering from something under the unstable support. In quickly successive taps that shaking display.

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The stylish Sony VAIO SV T1313L1ES offers a touch screen, with the browsing in the music collection is a breeze. The operation but suffers something under the unstable mount: quick successive taps complicates the shaky display. Via touchpad, the mouse pointer can be controlled very precisely. The 13.3-inch screen (33.7 centimeter) offers good quality, but he is not coated. The fan is significantly in challenging tasks. Joy, however, makes the well processed aluminium, great clearances and sharp does not exist here. Too bad that the keyboard when writing is after something. That does not match a Ultrabook in this price class. Good processing order this product at Amazon Pro touch screen contrast screen not anti-reflective louder fan not for games suitable test note of the editorial 2.55 satisfying user rating now write a

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