Sony Xperia X: Subtle Progress [TEST]

With Xperia X introduces Sony a new stripe of flagship phones. Here, the focus is now on design, simplicity and user experience.

Sony was the last among the established cell manufacturers, with a new flagship for 2016. But there is a good reason behind the delay. Sony starts for all over again this year, with a whole new series of mobile phones to reign at the top of its phone line-up.

Xperia X series replacement now Xperia Z series and rates this time on smartphones all of which varies over the same theme: the best possible mobile experience.

The starting point in the X-series is a five inch large display. According to Sony’s own user-studies are five inch Goldilocks-size, not too big nor too small. Just right.

Today’s test subject, Xperia X, is also a happy medium, the printed by itself the output between the affordable Xperia XA and the muscle bulging Xperia X Performance. But is it still a topmobil? investigates the matter.

Specifications Xperia X

Sony Z-series lived on a distinctive design with an exquisite, minimalist recipe: glass front and back and a metal frame around the edges. The result was always pretty to look at, but glass back could have weaknesses.

With Xperia X turns on and holding the Tin back with Sony an aluminum surface, while the edges are in plastic. The advantage here is that you get rid of unsightly antenna stripes on the metal back, while the plastic around your phone acting shock absorber in case of loss.

It works, and Xperia X lets already now to be more durable than its predecessors.

Z-series defined itself with another feature: water resistance. With Xperia X is water resistance, now gone, or rather, you need to be up in the expensive and more advanced X Performance model in order to continue to get security as a waterproof outer gives.

Although there is moved a bit on materials and construction, are still very Sony’sk Xperia X in its expression. It is still edged to look at, but new pastel colors in the range and slightly more rounded edges makes Sony’en less masculine and more elegant than before.


A size for all

Size is the result of Sony’s Xperia X own user testing. The conclusion is that a 5 inch large display is the best compromise between size and display area. I’m inclined to give Sony the right here.

Anyway I prefer Z-series ‘ previous approach, where toptelefoner came, respectively, in sizes Small, Medium and Large. All hands and needs are not the same, and a line-up as Apple’s, serving all needs from the very compact to large mobiles, is now preferred.

At the same time is not quite as xperia X comfortable in use as the market’s other five-inch smartphones.The angular design makes it not always easy, to shoot the thumb over the display and volume buttons are located somewhat near the worst place on the phone: at the bottom right.

It fortunately by that outweighed the fingerprint reader is conveniently located in the power button. Thus, it takes only one click to both unlock and turn on the phone – without the thumb needs to wander out of the display.

Another nice touch is the loudspeaker output location on the front. There are two of them, and they are almost impossible to cover with the fingers or palms. A nice touch that enhances gaming and video experience. Unfortunately plays the unfortunately neither particularly high nor particularly good.

Sony best display ever

With Xperia Sony seems to have been able to stay calm one X. Instead of relying on wild Quad HD or 4 k resolutions, on the other hand, is focused on what makes for a good screen experience: beautiful colors, good brightness and high contrast.

These are all present in the Xperia X ‘ five inch large display and Full HD resolution is still abundant well-defined to get all text and photo to look crisp out.

The colors are flattering by default, but can be either against the more lively fashion tunes or neutral depending on your preferences.

Sub-top performance

At Sony have Z-series has always been synonymous with the fastest and strongest mechanics market could could offer. Such is not the case entirely with Xperia X-series.

This time operated Xperia X forward by a hexa-core processor from Qualcomm’s new subtop-series: Snap dragon 650. With the package you also get 3 GB of RAM and 32 GB storage, which is a good starting point for a topmobil anno 2016.

This means, however, that focuses you on benchmarks and tests will Sony Xperia X set it a tooth under the fastest 2016-phones. You will be able to boast of having the fastest and best Sony Xperia X Performance is probably rather the phone for you.

In everyday life, the picture is, however, another, for although Xperia X don’t win some contests give it a very honorable service that can fully measure up to the autumn toptelefoner.
Sony Xperia X is experienced as both fast and flexible, and in contrast to last year’s toptelefoner so that it does not overheat.

The power plant in Xperia X has, however, a few shortcomings, it no longer supports 4 k footage and technologically is not nearly as advanced as the Snapdragon 820 series.

Less, but more robust battery

The slightly lower performance is perhaps a good thing, for Sony chooses once again to reduce the battery compared to the predecessors. Capacity sounds at 2,620 mAh, which is 10-20 percent less than what a Z-cell has at its disposal.

Sony is fortunately good at squeezing the life out of the battery and the operating time is better than what it is to be feared by it through the slit just the battery. You can therefore count on Xperia X in a to a day and a half, which is fine for most, but I miss the now slightly at that time where Sony delivered two full days of use as they did in the Z2 and Z3 generations.

The battery is born with what Sony calls the ‘ Battery IQ ‘, an intelligent ladeteknologi that halve the wear on the battery chemistry. It is a feature that can give the paw on the long run, since it therefore will still be in good shape, even with 2 or 3 years old.

It does, however, believe that your battery is not charging nearly as briskly as the competitors, a half hour charge gives only 30% power, while you have to wait two hours at the wall socket before there is left completely up.

On the network front is on the other hand, extremely compelling Xperia X. It joins faithfully to the fastest 4 g waves where the labber data in it – even in the basement where coverage is marginal.


Her built software

With Xperia X would Sony to begin a new chapter, and it can be seen especially in Sony’s new approach to the Android software.

The phone is born with Android 6.0 Marshmallow, but comes with several new grip that gives Sonyen a much needed refreshment of interface.

The icons are larger, rounder and simpler which gives a good overview. At the same time you can with a single swype down induce a search function and a list of the most frequently used apps, so your apps can be found at a glance.

The actual notification and settings menus leans close to pure Android’s own minimalist approach, so also there you can find quickly what you are looking for.

Sony has, unlike before, generally held again to include too many apps that you rarely use. Even Sony-the keyboard is now replaced in favor of one of the best solutions: Swiftkey.

Totally radical cleanup is not, however, apps like AVG Protection, Playstation, Facebook and Spotify, for example, with by default and cannot be uninstalled. Are you using them, it won’t bother, but it kind of should be uninstalled in my book, if you don’t need them.


Not quite mastered the camera

Sony is one of the world’s largest and most experienced camera manufacturers, and, on paper, is the camera of Xperia X extremely promising.

Here you get a great camera sensor with the whole 23 megapixels to give of a bright f/2.0 lens and an almost equally ambitious front camera on 13 megapixels. Not only that, so promise Sony to focus is unparalleled with autofocus that can hit the spot at just 0.06 seconds and as active can follow moving subjects.

But unfortunately so honoured by Sony, as with their previous Z-mobiles, not quite the expectations as the promising technique leaf lover.

The sensor fails nothing but the lens does not provide the requisite sharpness and after reading works often deficient. It is probably for the same reason that Sony as default neddrosler photo resolution to 8 megapixels.

What is worse, so lets the processor not really to be able to follow in certain scenarios, panoramic photos is lavopløste and chock-full of errors, HDR-mode works only in low resolution and you get neither RAW or 4 k video recording.

However, this does not mean that you necessarily will get bad photos with Xperia X. As long as you leave the full automation take over in Sony’s Superior Auto ‘ mode, delivering X’eren routinely good results with beautiful colors and the ability to zoom much into.

Do you hear for those who love to fine tune and press the camera to the extreme, you should search elsewhere. Here makes competitors like Samsung S7, HTC 10 and Apple’s iPhone 6S Plus the better, even though on paper, weaker cameras.

Another need with Sony’s optical stabilization, a device that gives better results under difficult lighting conditions and when shooting video.

Here salvageable Sonyen in part by the company’s highly efficient digital stabilization, which provides stunning video footage – but only in Full HD.

On selfiefronten is Sony’s well equipped with its højopløste and very vidvinklede camera. You get it all with, and front the camera behave competently under most lighting conditions.

Two steps forward and one step back

Even if it is not to be able to see at first glance, then, it is now clear that Sony has tried to create something new with Xperia X series.

Many good ideas have found their way to Sony’s latest flagship. The relatively compact size, the more elegant designs and a cleanup in the software all contribute to make the Xperia X to a comfortable size in use – with the stupid volume buttons as the only infuriating ergonomic exception.

In his eagerness to further develop the Z-series, however, smoking anything in the bend: the phone is not waterproof, and the battery does not hold for as long as it did once. Too bad.

That Sony does not have ekviperet Xperia X with the latest and most expensive processor on the market do not, however, the large, continue to be experienced as a genuine Xperia X topmobil. What, however, drawers, is that Sony, with all of its know-how in the field of camera technology, cannot supply a camera that is at the forefront.

Price wise it just under the Xperia X places the absolute top, making it a bit expensive compared to its competitors. We therefore ends on 4 ½ stars out of 6 possible.