Sony Xperia Z3 Camera Test

Sony supplies camera sensors on many smartphone makers. Also a superior picture quality for Sony’s own flagship Xperia Z3 promises this expertise?

The Z3 of Xperia from Sony has a dedicated camera button. The lever is located on the left side, exactly where the photographer can both high – and-landscape shots within easy reach it and simultaneously keep stable with two hands the Smartphone. This button makes the snapping of course particularly convenient, the operation is closer to a real digital camera.

If disabled display a long press on this button is enough to start the camera preview, a second to match prediction dispels a photo in the store – so spontaneous snapshots succeed particularly well. Actually – because the Sony camera is the slowest in the test field. The time needed for the camera preview to start activating it turned off screen with the shutter-release button, is long – the Galaxy S6 is easily twice as fast per double tap on the home button. Also, the autofocus works relatively slowly and the shutter lag is noticeable.

8 instead of 20 mega pixels

The camera’s maximum resolution is 21 megapixel – together with HTC’s one M9, the Sony so offers the highest density. But with a special feature:

If you shoot in automatic mode (“superior automatic”), automatically reduces the resolution to 8 Megapixels, you can exploit the 21 megapixels only in manual mode. Reason: the image quality with lower resolution was better in our tests. For this reason and because the comparability – all the photos in this comparison were taken in automatic mode – we have worked with the “intelligent auto”.

Beautiful weather

Despite large aperture (f2. 0) visible drops the quality compared to the competitors. The noise ratio is highest for Sony, also blurred the images more often than in the other test candidates. Succeed with the Xperia Z3 quite decent pictures, but as soon as the light conditions deviate from the optimum, the camera has noticeable problems.