Sony Xperia Z3 + in the Test

When the Xperia Z3 + Sony has optimized everywhere a little in comparison to its predecessor. In the test, must the new Sony flagship, whether that’s enough?

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With the Xperia Z3 + Sony brings a revised version that shows more improvements in the test, as the small name less than a year after the start of the Z3 “+” suggests. Not without reason, Sony sold this model in its home market of Japan as Xperia Z4.


If you take the plus model from the box and in addition to the previous sets, sees no difference at first. That housing has become even smaller (6.9 instead of 7.3 millimeters) you then hardly recognizes if you close approaches and frontal look on the frame; the weight difference of 7 grams (145 instead of 152 grams) is located below the perception threshold.

At second glance, however, many details become visible, which Sony has changed. On the front of the two slots for the stereo have become longer and narrower speaker, at the edges, the surface of the metal frame is no longer easy napped, but smooth and shiny. But above all, she will no longer interrupted by so many covers.


Because although the Xperia Z3 + still water and dust proof IP68 – in the top League offer that neither Apple nor Samsung or any other manufacturer – is the USB port free because Sony internally seal the socket. Thus, smarter open of the cover when reloading spared the user.

One more with the USB port related speciality lies in the packaging: A USB OTG cable, the USB sticks and hard drives quickly can be combined with the Smartphone. An addition of manufacturers which are not often found.

The magnetic charge pins on the right side just omits Sony at Z3 + – a decision that no one will probably regret. As a result of these changes, the part hardly of openings is interrupted, which makes the already minimalist design still minimal.

Only a single cover is incorporated into the sleek frame, which is so tiny, that one cannot help but wonders how Nano-SIM and micro – SD to fit. The trick: The underlying rail for the SIM card was extended and expanded with a mount for the micro-SD. Disadvantage: when changing the memory card you must remove also the SIM, and this leads to an automatic reboot of the phone with Sony.


When the display is already one of the brightest far and wide, Sony has once again turned up the dial: A luminous intensity of 605 candela is one of the best that ever was measured in the laboratory and connect. Who wants to work even in direct sunlight with his phone, is so well advised with the Z3 +.


Also the new processor impressed: the memory is the Qualcomm-model Snapdragon 810 unchanged 3 gigabytes in size, but now on a new chipset soldered -. 64-bit architecture with eight cores, which are arranged in two clusters with different performance levels, he currently is the ultimate in the Smartphone universe.

It must be said however that this concentrated power in everyday life brings a big speed boost. In direct comparison with the previous Xperia Z3 (with update to Android 5.0.2) we noticed minimal differences only after prolonged operation or start a graphics-intensive game.


Even with the camera, there is little difference, if looking from the front camera, significantly enhances the Sony with a new 5-megapixel sensor and wide angle focal length. Otherwise, the hardware will remain unchanged: A dedicated camera button, a 20.7 megapixel sensor and a wide-angle focal length of 25 millimetres we know already from the Xperia Z3. Only Sony has optimized slightly to automatic mode reduces the resolution to 8 megapixels.

In the test the Z3 + under difficult light conditions found generally the better balance between exposure time and ISOWert. But this small step forward does not change the results of our camera comparison: The photo quality of the Xperia Z3 can keep not quite with the champions of the competition, it lies behind the Galaxy S6 (camera test), the iPhone 6 (camera test), the HTC one M9 (camera test) and the Huawei P8 (camera test). Also, the Z3 + must line up rear automatic despite revised software.


The other software, there are no surprises, but reliable Sony quality. The Android system is on a current state (version 5.0.2) and enriched with many extras, including an Office package and apps to connect to Sony’s PlayStation and film services. Particularly noteworthy are the excellent sound characteristics.

Sony’s video service is not more expensive than the play store, but offers movies (still) not to be found on Google. Sony’s video service is not more expensive than the play store, but offers movies (still) not to be found on Google (on the left). Made for music lovers: so many audio settings such as the Sony Z3 + provide not many Smartphones (right).

These were evident not only in the laboratory test, but also based on the support for file formats and transmission standards that demonstrate Sony’s musical knowledge as the inventor of the Walkman: the software DSEE HX improves the fidelity of MP3 or AAC files, the sound quality when listening to music via Bluetooth will be upgraded with the LDAC codec and the Jack supports headsets with active noise cancellation. Audiophile users can do with the new Sony Ericsson flagship so nothing wrong.

Laboratory measurements

Good news and bad news comes from the test laboratory. First the good: Although Sony has reduced the battery capacity (2900 instead 3100 mAh), keeps the Z3 + in the standard connect use mix nearly an hour longer by (7:31 instead of 6:46 hours) than the Xperia Z3 (Test).

This is not outstanding, but yet a very good value, through the day you make it so easy.

The bad news comes from the high-frequency Chamber: while the Xperia Z3 shines in all networks with good to outstanding radio properties, shows the performance curve of the successor in the UMTSNetz in the basement. Who has an LTE fare, need not worry, for all other 18 out of 30 points are an argument quite to think again about the purchase.


In total the Xperia Z3 + as a successful further development, which manages barely in the top ten of the best turns out. Its radio properties prevent a better placement.