Spotify Experienced Record-High Turnover in 2015

Streaming service Spotify is experiencing great progress and has nearly doubled its revenue in 2015 and paid twice in license fees to artists.

It was not quite a lie, since Spotifys Director two weeks ago said that the Swedish streaming service had got wind in its sails, after Apple entered the market with Apple Music.

Music Business Worldwide has got his fingers in Spotifys financial statements from 2015, where there is a great deal of progress to find compared to 2014. It is apparent even in the papers that Spotify has told its investors that “2015 in many ways was our best year ever”-and with good reason.

With 30 million. subscribers have Spotify in 2015 achieved a turnover of entire 14.5 billion. dollars, an increase of 80% compared to the year before. Of this, the entire 12.1 billion. dollars or 84% of the amount used to pay all artists back in the form of license fees.

The high turnover, however, has not been enough to keep the company in plus, as there continues to be a total loss of 1 billion. Crowns. The total loss, however, has stabilised compared to previous years, as Spotify is in other words depends on a continued growth.

Of other interesting figures from Spotifys perhaps best – or at least bad – this year we see that the vast majority of the revenue comes from users who have subscribed and monthly pay 99 dollars. In 2015 constituted advertising for only 10.1% of the revenue, which is an increase of 0.9 percentage points compared to the year before.

So it is not just a trend that goes in the right direction when Spotify is so addicted to subscribing customers. In the big picture, however, there is talk about significant progress for Spotify, and if Apple Music helps the service forward to more growth, which the Director claims, the red numbers on the bottom line will probably soon be a thing of the past.