Street View of Drivers Working Even When You Lose

The cars Google Street View have GPS, street maps, infrared sensors and all kinds of parafernalhas for people that perhaps sit in the front seats know guide vehicles through the cities that should map. But if the city he is going have a complicated name, it may be that they need a little extra help. That’s what seems to have happened in the Netherlands.

If you search on the street map (Avenue?) Elsrijkdreef in the city of Amsterdam Zuid-Oost will find at one point four cars of Street View side of a seemingly lost person trying to be guided by a map available on the road. The man also appears to be asking for help by mobile phone. In this case the link will only be useful if both are Dutch, given the complicated street names that probably only they can act with precision. And even lost, he has not stopped working: he tried to take a picture of the street before traveling.

Ok, photo face the might have been just a passer and not any one team member responsible for Street View. But it’s funny to think that he is and that is lost when using Google Maps. As happened to me several times. Various.