Street View Updates on Android

Google Street View has updated to version, announcing that the roll out started earlier this week and will be completed over the next few days. The news are many, starting with a renewed graphic interface to the addition of full support to the rooms at 360 degrees.

From the graphic point of view, Street View has added a new background at the top to improve visibility of white colour icons for access to search functions, widen and navigation. In particular, the Loupe a search box has been added, while the tabs on the page are now fixed in the upper part of the screen. Surely this is a small makeover that makes the entire page neater and easier to navigate.

A new feature is the possibility to activate notifications to be notified in case there are new collections available. Obviously this is a feature that can be turned on or off at any time through the settings menu. The same menu has undergone a slight facelift, showing only now toggles with no other information on the terms of service, open source licenses and the version number.

The update incorporates for the first time on cam-360 degree spherical support, giving you a new feature that not only will certainly appreciated by users, but which opens up new scenarios in everyday experience of the application.