Successfully Complain About Shopping In Other Eu Countries

If the souvenirs purchased in the holidays online at home shows defects, the app provides “Claim with success” the necessary information, to assert warranty claims in other EU countries.

For devices purchased in other EU countries, which prove to be defective, you must not resign. As an EU citizen you have warranty rights in the EU Member States, Iceland and Norway against the dealer. Generally the seller must stand up for two years for the products sold, in detail, there are however differences from country to country. Even if the EU foreign-based online shop ordered goods not or late returns, have rights. The free app “Claim with success” of the European consumer centre (ECC) Germany provides you with the necessary information.

In most EU countries, you need a deficiency, unlike in Germany, report in the first two months after its occurrence. In Greece, Portugal and Slovenia, you can ask the refund of the purchase price immediately-in Bulgaria, Hungary and Slovenia, the dealer must remedy the deficiency within a period laid down by law. Usually the burden of proof is reversed after six months: you must then prove that you have not even caused the deficiency. The burden of proof is the seller, however, for two years in France and Portugal.

The app “claim with success” of the ECC Germany takes you by the hand, querying the circumstances of purchase with just a few steps and then provides the appropriate information. The app requires an active Internet connection, works well in every radio hole. You informed of repair, replacement and revocation, deadlines and contact. Only claim you must own. The app also tells what you can do if you don’t like the delivered goods, the wrong goods are delivered or the delivery is incomplete.

The app “claim with success” ( for iOS and here also for Android ) is free in the iTunes store and Google play available. The Federal Ministry of Justice and for consumer protection (BMJV) has promoted the development of the app.