Summary of IFA 2014, One Year of Wearables and Phablets Links

After the hangover of last week at the fair presentations IFA Berlin, year 2014, we have to do an exercise in organization and summary to not leave anything of the event which we cover on foot from fair.

Therefore, we will try to leave a short summary as seen, a General impressions and access to all of our coverage IFA 2014 to colurs.

Year of the wearables

This year already pointing ways when at CES, we begin to see the first wearables and confirmed during MWC 2014 we would see more and more. You sensed that trend would be to try to avoid the new fashion of carrying empty dolls filling that space with new devices that would become the favorite sons of wrist watches.

We are talking about mainly two types of devices, since Google Glasses sunglasses seem to have remained in the background with the passage of time. We currently see two types of devices, wearables, both for the doll: bracelets quantifier and connected watches, also known as smartwatches.

In this IFA 2014 we have seen and touched several of them and, although some works about Tizen OS, the tendency of the majority points to Android Wear as an operating system that will rule the smartwatches.

I reviewed in depth Android Wear and let’s a bittersweet, but we know that Google is going to release a major update in a matter of weeks implementing more sensors and support some features that users request.

We have been able to test several models among which we highlight the newer models of the leading companies:

  • ASUS Zenwatch, care and new design.
  • Bike 360, the which has created more expectation and that, personally, is the more I liked.
  • LG G Watch R, great evolution front LG G Watch, with a design similar to of a chronograph man.
  • Samsung Galaxy Gear S, the largest screen in a format that could reach the female sex as bracelet. It is the only one whose “intelligent” mode can be run with or without phone thanks to integrate a slot microSIM.
  • Sony SmartWatch 3, perhaps is the model that has changed by one more functional, esthetic design to adopt Android Wear.

Without a doubt manufacturers are betting strong on this type of device, however, is the final consumer who has the last word. ¿What do you think of the smartwatches? Which of those you like most?

If we speak of quantifier bracelets we have a new model bracelet of Smartband Talk, Sony with e-ink screen and seems to be the only one in a step forward within this segment.

Without a doubt, they have most affordable price that the smartwatches and their functionality, although somewhat limited responsible for them, is more than enough for most of the users.

Smartphones, size matters

It is clear that the current market trend is towards the integration of larger screens and higher resolution and seems to be the only thing remarkable submitted Android smartphones in IFA 2014.

  • Motorola Moto X with his touchdown on video.
  • Sony, just a few months after the Z2, putting on the table its Xperia Z3 with improvements of thank and that review in video as well as also Z3 Compact.
  • Huawei got serious with the materials of their new Ascend P7 and G7.
  • Call Edge do not forget the most important terminal, Note 4, which generated much expectation to be presented with a special version:
  • The new Moto G also made appearance in Berlin Act confirming the big bet that is.
  • HTC Desire 820 comes with 64-bit chip, though Android still does not take advantage of it.
  • Lenovo live X 2, large smartphone with a very interesting design by layers and his brother lives Z2, a smartphone that has a lot to say.

They are obviously not all submitted, but they are a large sample of what has been seen in the fair IFA 2014. A year in which it seems that we have a new trend in the photography segment and are the selfies and improvement software of the same as the previous generation we saw how selective approach is customary.

Accessories for Android devices

In addition to all previous updates have to mention one of the Android smartphones of the hand tool of Samsung and Oculus, that virtual reality approaching the end user: Galaxy Gear VR.

Closely related to the smartphones we also have the new QX photographic systems, giving this year a leap in quality especially with the ambitious QX1 of interchangeable lenses.

IFA 2014 has been a fairly lively fair for the mobile segment Android and the entire ecosystem surrounding it. From Xataka Android will continue offering you some shots of contact and details the next few days that we have not had physical processing time.