Surf-flat, 250 Inclusive Minutes and 250 SMS Send for 12.95 Euros Per Month

As COMPUTER image users get you with the globe fare All-In 1000 now a really convenient and ideal tariff for your Smartphone for only 12.95 euros instead of 16.95 euros per month. In addition, accounts for the usual EUR 24.95 for the package and connection price. Monthly 250 phone minutes (in all German networks), 250 SMS and 500 megabytes surf volume in HSDPA speed (up to 7.2 megabits per second) are included in the tariff bundle. With the action code computer image backup is the exclusive Smartphone tariff package!

So save the Smartphone plan!

Action page aufrufenRufen the action page about until 15 July 2013, you are then directly to the action page of globe redirected.
AktionscodeGeben you there the action code computer image a. Register in connection with your personal data and bank details. After the Schufa check get your SIM card by mail within a short time and can immediately start calling, surf and send SMS.
24 months LaufzeitNach of the minimum term of 24 months remain permanently the favourable conditions exist.
in time kündigenDer tariff has a minimum term of 24 months. If no further use after this time globe, terminate at the latest three months before the automatic Vertragsverängerung here.
cheap data flat-rate options
if you need more volume to the surfing, globe provides the option to increase the tariff on a gigabyte of data volume (for 4.95 instead of 9,95 euro per month) in addition. This unique offer is valid only in the context of the collective order.

What do I need?
order possible until: 15 July 2013.Mindestalter: 18 years.
Schufa check: Yes. Registry: Ja.Laufzeit: 24 months.
notice: cancel no later than three months before the automatic renewal (24 month term).
billing: monthly by direct debit.

backup now top-rate via action code computer image!

The globe fare in detail :
provider: DeutschlandSIM.Netz: Vodafone.
monthly fee: 12.95 euro.
inclusive minutes/inclusive SMS: 250 per month (in all German networks). Cost per additional minute/SMS: 19 cents (in all German networks).
Internet Flatrate: Yes.
Speed: Up to 500 Mb per Month up to 7.2 Megabits per Second, from 500 Megabytes 64 Kilobits per Sekunde.Weitere Data Options: Internet Flatrate one Gigabyte for 4,95 Euro per Month.
Minimum: 24 Monate.Anschlusspreis: Keiner.Kontakt Service hotline: 0188-09 117 215 (49 Cents / Minute from german Landlines, Prices may vary for Callers from Mobile networks).
Contact via Contact Form:

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