SwifKey emoji-Prediction on iOS

Now The Emoji-Prediction is Available In Swiftkey

Whether you love or hate, you must admit that the emojis are become very popular – and SwiftKey takes them a step further.

InternetDict.com reported that SwiftKey is one of the best and most popular iOS and Android keyboards, which was free in 2014. A while ago they surprised their users with a new feature: Emoji Prediction. Today we write more about this particular feature. If you didn’t know that you can use it, or if you’re not using it, it is worth to check it out!

SwiftKey, keyboard with emoji-prediction in 35 languages!

SwiftKey emoji-prediction

So far supports the smart function 35 languages, including Norwegian, Danish and Swedish.

But what are Emoji Prediction really? SwiftKey is able to give you suggestions as you type, and to “predict” what you want to write. The company itself has illustrated this with pizza. If you write “I eat pi” app can propose you “pizza” – based on a dictionary, and you have previously written, etc. But currently, the app also suggest pizza-emojien. The more you write about pizza, the greater chance there is for these proposals are popping up — both when it comes to words and emoji. And of course this applies to all words and existing emojis, not just for pizza.