T + A G 2000 R in the Test

The T + A G 2000 R in the test is not (only) to a simple completion of the famous R series. It’s rather a perfectly through developed top-drive that needs fear no competition.

Who is informed when it comes to analog technology, the suspects on the basis of some optical indications of the new T + A G 2000 R immediately a little teamwork with an also highly renowned German specialist for analog. Because one does not find such tonearm tubes as shown here on every street corner, just as little as the tricky “wireless” Antiskating device by using powerful magnets. But to do so we just come. First, it is to know that the T + A in the current generation of turntable has quite a few unique features.

Housing and design

His heavy aluminum chassis more reminiscent of an amplifier. Here front pressure switch to be added, actually a novelty drives where the controls usually sit on top of the frame. The smooth, visually only from finest joints broken aluminum impressed not only by its meticulous production and beautiful surfaces, but also with a heavy aluminum platter, which is partially submerged and thus visually long not so “chunky”, how many analog fan might like it.

The illusion is excellently managed, it is at the T + A-platter in reality but to be at least 3.8 kilograms heavy aluminum die casting part that successfully damped by a thick silicone rubber pad (“plate mat”) is. Acoustically “dead” conditions in addition provides a precision machined, large sub plate, which contains the central axis and is provided with a Groove for the round rubber drive belt.

The only disadvantage of this ensemble: Once mounted, hard work very fingertips, to remove the heavy plate again. What is due, however, only changing the belt. And then it becomes clear that T + A has already settled a replacement belt. This is typical of the mindset of the German factory, whose Sorgfalt among experienced audio testers is almost proverbial.


The drive to entrust a quartz-controlled synchronous motor is close, but not equal to the whole power supply on new legs, i.e.: to synthesize. That has made T + A and quasi “rebuilt the alternating current using DSPs (digital signal processors)”. “Exact tuning of the motor coil voltage waveform” that then is in the jargon of the developer; Torque control and barely notable flutter are included.

Almost as an aside, now Zack-ramp-up and – more importantly – on button quick braking platter this jump out. The storage consists of polished steel axle in a brass friction bearing. And of course a small oil bottles is included…

Drive and power supply

The deeper mysteries of the 14 kilograms drive are however not all so listed. Hides under a pretty aluminum dress but in reality MDF (medium density fibreboard) high damping a lot: known to be the material of choice in terms of Hi-Fi, when it comes to confront acoustically dead. It is successfully combating structure-borne noise, resonance and vibration – the worst enemies of any reasonable noise Patten scanning.

Therefore, all assemblies located in a MDF corpus, which is equipped with corresponding recesses and rests on four shock absorbers. In sandwich construction the outer aluminum skin to the inner MDF chassis is then glued.

Should also fall on rather only turntable experts that the G 2000 R is one of the usual cold devices power sockets; actually, the whole power supply underneath the chassis has squeezed T + A, which is why none of the usual and most suspiciously eyeing – plastic power supply is used.

Clearaudio tonearm

But back to the above mentioned tonearm, unmistakably, supplied to Clearaudio as well as the MC cartridge called MC-2, the call with 0.75 Millivolt – output voltage and 100-ohm closure should be no phono amp problems. 20 Millinewton (two grams) force must bring up, the tonearm set with electronic edition power balance, the counterweight does not yet have a scale. Who 2000 so orders R the G, which receives an otherwise meticulously preset tone arm, but also a worthy owner’s manual including geometry template and, not to forget, a high quality phono cables.

Let’s talk not long trappings: actually no one needs more turntables. T + A a tricky belt-driven, elegant and finely crafted Foundation has placed here on the a (listening) testers also serving his first almost criminally underappreciated cartridge / tonearm duo. And is the sound as it quickly turns out, nothing to add.

Sound: Warm, voluminous and punchy

With a fast, always lively and yet unobtrusive sound, the T + A presents a tends to be rather warm, voluminous and impressive soundstage, where in the empty Groove, striking an extremely low noise. No less fascinating is the focused voice playback, which is involved in a large sound stage. Just the surprisingly large, three-dimensional spatial picture counts moreover by his while still not bottomless, but precisely defined frequency range to the strengths of this drive concept, finally totally convinced.

And the vociferously stoic calm, with which the G 2000 R does its job, undoubtedly goes back to a successful drive design. All raises finally the question why T + A sets actually not a few more turntables models – only, to the scene to a little shake up…