Brodit Passive Holder for iPad 2

With Brodit’s passive holder for iPad 2, you can mount your iPad on your car’s dashboard – which makes it easily accessible, always. The cradle can rotate in order to avoid light reflection on the screen. You can easily switch between portrait and landscape position by screwing the bracket to the desired position. You can also connect a charger cable for your iPad 2 while it sits in the cradle.

Brodit passive holder iPad 2

Brodit Passive Holder for iPad 2

It is easy both to place and remove your iPad from the cradle when you leave the car.

Brodit’s passive holder is designed to be permanently installed in your car or in your office. Brodit offers several different types of carriers for mobile devices and you can choose the one that fits you best. Since Brodit’s holders are manufactured specifically for the mobile device (in this case for an iPad 2), it’s easy and convenient to both place and remove your iPad from the cradle.

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