Toshiba Folio 100 in Test

Toshiba Folio 100 invites to surfing but does not reach all the way up.

The first impression of the Toshiba tablet is that it feels great. It has a 10 inch screen but it still feels like a little too much because of the wide border around the screen. Folio 100 feels most intended for reading and surfing on the couch, you want a plate to take with them, there are better options.

But I have difficulty using the Folio 100 long periods at a time, the screen is very bright, and it’s hard to ignore all the fingerprints and glare. It is quite common for manufacturers of electronics gadgets put with a small cleaning cloth in the box as a sort of cheap bonus accessories.

For the most part, I think that it is a completely pointless things, but in this case, Toshiba made just right. To Polish the screen with frequent feels sorry as a necessity in order to get a decent user experience.

The Folio 100 Android 2.1 and a number of pre-installed apps makes plate feels okay functionally, but it would have been far better if you also come to the Android Market. Instead, they settle for a software store provided by Toshiba themselves. It contains hundreds of titles, but as always when discussing app-range is less about volume and more about quality – and this is where the deficiencies. For large parts of the apps in the Market Place as program Toshiba, the shop is called, is probably quite uninteresting for most users no matter where they are, and perhaps in particular for Swedish users. Why, for example, so many apps that include u.s. local news pops up during the game I do not understand at all.

You can also find music and radio stations in the Market Place saves the situation somewhat, but to play music can hardly be the main point of a tablet.

In addition to the app offer feels like Toshiba has managed quite well with the implementation of Android on a device where screen does not correspond to the standard of Android. A smart detail is the possibility to save own desktop, where each desktop contains multiple home screens. To get the pad to switch the desktop automatically based on the Wlan in the vicinity, however, not really.

If you look at media play an important function and imagines that the plate often should be connected to an external display via hdmi connector would be an interesting Folio 100 options. Otherwise, you should probably take a look at the better option in this price range that have already surfaced.

Question & answers

You can link up with turbo 3 g?

No, not in the version that is being sold now. A version with integrated turbo-3 g will come during the first quarter of next year.


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