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Mondaine Helvetica

Finally we have the first Swiss Smartwatch i: the Mondaine Helvetica. Now we have a Swiss Smartwatch manufacturer after Apple, Samsung and co. for the first time. As already mentioned, Mondaine is the first Swiss watch manufacturer, a Smartwatch has unveiled this year. The Mondaine Helvetica can be orderedonline for several days.

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Pebble Time Test

Pebble is a pioneer among the Smartwatch manufacturers. Now comes the next Smartwatch by Pebble, which bears the name of Pebble time after the Pebble Smartwatch. The Pebble time release is scheduled for late July. In contrast to other Smartwatch Pebble opts for manufacturers such as Apple,Samsung and Sony, an ePaper display and operation with buttons. Learn about how the time of pebble in our test fails, here.

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USB Type-C Port Adapter

(Updated 28/10) The Apple MacBook with its unique USB Type-C port provided this format under the spotlight. Here are the two three things to know about this connection, this decision-making that will democratize and replace the USB as we know it, and … Continue reading

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Introduction to Apple Company

Apple is one of the world’s most valuable companies and a huge manufacturer of IT hardware and software. Apple is publicly traded on NASDAQ under AAPL. The company was led by, and for many years synonymous with its famous founder … Continue reading

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Feel the Benefits of iPad

  Go here on the road and see the benefits of iPad for themselves out. Discover how flexible and easy to use an iPad is. The touch screen is easy to use with multi-touch gestures. An iPad you can always … Continue reading

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Women Love Apple, Men Love Android

“Opperhoof” on today’s blog post is the conclusion of a study on the two most popular smart phones. Women love Apple, men love Android KS Mobile have sponsored research, which showed that 33 percent of men prefer Android (Samsung specifically), … Continue reading

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