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Six Rumors to Launch The Iwatch

São PAULO–the event that/of Apple Headquarters on Tuesday, 9, may be a historic day for the company founded by Steve Jobs: in addition to the rumors that the company would release a new version of your/their smartphone, the iPhone, you/which can reach the end the/of period of rumors that has lasted more than 18 months […]

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Watch Apple Intelligence

Is a sport practiced every year during Apple’s product releases. Consists of trigger phrases of disdain and mockery towards anything new that Apple thing. Normal. Apple was unanimity for a long time and that messes with clearly less conformist. The fascination of their fans more excited, they get rows of three days to buy a […]

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Apple Announces Release Date Of The Watch

São PAULO–Apple made the release date of your most anticipated product in years, the Apple Watch. According to an invitation sent to journalists in the United States, the company’s clock will be displayed in the day 9 March, from 10 A.M. (in the 3:00 pm GMT). The invitation comes with the title “Spring Forward”, a […]

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Apple Plans to sell More Than 20 Million Watches In 2015

TAIPEI-Apple intends to sell at least 20 million smart watches this year. The volume is well above the forecasts of analysts, according to sources of the supply chain. Estimates for the Apple Watch, the first “wearable” Apple whose sales were started this Friday, 24, vary a great deal, since it’s a relatively new consumer product […]

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Pros And Cons Of Apple Watch

The Apple Watch in the test. It is highly praised and she will be criticized as well. Therefore users of Apple Watch are initially not sure what has to offerthis still rather new Smartwatch. The expensive Apple Watch could be absolutely practical or it could be just a decorative piece of jewelry that bringsmany features. Allows the clock optimum use in everyday life, with many subtleties actually? Or the Apple

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Pebble: The Watch With E-Paper Screen

So far the e-paper only appeared well in e-readers, but that is about to change. On Kickstarter, probably the biggest crowdfunding site in the world, appeared the Pebble, a wristwatch with e-paper screen of 144 × 168 pixels that “conversation” with iPhone and Android, has support for apps and, before they even go into production, is […]


Introduction to Apple Company

Apple is one of the world’s most valuable companies and a huge manufacturer of IT hardware and software. Apple is publicly traded on NASDAQ under AAPL. The company was led by, and for many years synonymous with its famous founder Steve Jobs. The story of Jobs and co-founder Steve Wozniak development of Apple is filmed […]