TeamAndIRC Hack The BlackPhone, Safer Market Smartphone

One of the presentations was star of the last Mobile World Congress, and is that Silent Circle and the Spanish Geeksphone announced in Barcelona, with fanfare, which would be “the smartphone more secure world” under the nomenclature of BlackPhone.

Little does the BlackPhone is on the market, but it was a matter of time before some group of developers are put get to work to find holes in PrivatOS, the version of Android modified specifically for this device.

As well, the safer the world’s terminal course It has already been hacked by Justin Case – aka TeamAndIRC-, He announced his achievement at Def Con Las Vegas computer security conferences.

hey look, adb enabled without unlocking your bootloader our site/fVa6dTHR6g @Blackphone_ch

— Justin Case (@TeamAndIRC) August 9, 2014

Justin has taken only 5 minutes in the root – root – in terminal Geeksphone and Silent Circle, and all-access no need to unlock the bootloader of the BlackPhone. This requires the permission of the user, but that’s easy to get thanks to a decoy who receives the permissions.

However, its achievement seems not so important if we attend to the words of Dan Ford, CSO of the GSP Technologies firm, BlackPhone, who said it is not so important to have achieved to enable ADB, which is responsible for part of the Android operating system.

He has stated that PrivatOS incorporated by off the Android Debug Bridge because it is a potential problem of security, so GSP Technologies He has already released a patch to fix the vulnerability found by Justin Case, with a speed and professionalism that even the own Justin has praised.

Furthermore, TeamAndIRC has announced their intention to try the hack of a BlackBerry device, which, in theory, boast of being the safest in the world terminals, and even have been sold en masse to the Government of Germany after the scandals of the NSA spying.