TeamViewer Is Probably Been Hacked

A ton of users of remote control, TeamViewer program gets suddenly lænset their accounts and private information, but Teamviewer refuses to be hacked.

Out of the blue air stand users in these hours in line to report same unpleasant experience. Their computers have been hacked or taken over-through the popular remote control program Team Viewer that works across all popular platforms such as Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS.

Especially on a thread on the website Reddit draws a picture of that something is wrong with the security of Teamviewer, which has gotten serious consequences for the affected users. TeamViewer works as a starting point by simply exchanging a 9-digit ID, and a code between two persons in order to be able to remotely control someone else’s computer or smartphone, and therefore require no nødvendigivis, that you create a user with Teamviewer.

By creating a personal user on Teamviewer website, however, you get more options and enhanced usability, and it is precisely these users who have been affected. According to the British newspaper The Register suggests that all the affected users have been hacked by a backers have connected to the victim’s computer with TeamViewer program open by taking advantage of these login credentials, which in one way or another have come in the wrong hands.

The stories are all identical. No victims have been in their computer has a common command joined the TeamViewer-information and have away basically had full control over the victim’s computer. Even websites where there are used step verification as loginmetode (for example, PayPal), many victims have been lænset for large sums of money. It confirms the theory that the problem lies with Teamviewer, in many cases where the user is already logged in via the browser or also has put his personal computer as trusted, where step verification therefore not enter into force.

“That’s how I was hacked. The 25. may and 28. may had the (attackers, ed.) in to one of my computers clock 03:24 pm both days and used my PayPal, Microsoft and eBay account to buy tons of codes to various online retailers. I just checked my browser history on the computer, and sure enough-all these websites are visited. My bank ordered it all. So did PayPal and Microsoft. It was the damn Team Viewer, “says Reddit user savage24x, for which the user Tyroik follows up with the following response:

“It is also exactly what happened to me. Around 20,000 dollars of value in everything. 19,000 dollars sent from my PayPal account to the account of a in China as well as some iTunes gift cards purchased from Target and Walmart. The funny thing is that I went down the stairs 3 o’clock at night and sat down at my computer. Lad had remotely connected to the computer, and my mouse was running around. He was eventually intimidated and closed the session, which was there, I discovered all the open tabs, which should not be open, and a session window (from Teamviewer, ed.) in the corner “.

TeamViewer: We haven’t been hacked

Despite the many stories that suddenly pointing in direction of, that there are problems with the safety of Teamviewer, refuses the company of the same name to have been hacked. The many experiences of the users, however, together with a so called DoS-attacks and problems with the so-called DNS server (name server to be able to visit the website), which in several hours got Teamviewer to go to its knees.

It has, however, no correlation with the many user experiences with unknown þökk, who has full access to their computers with Teamviewer installed, assures Teamviewer in a press release. On the other hand, the problem lies in the fact that users using insecure login information on several different websites, it seems.

The explanation, however, is not on several users think and comes instead with a theory that it might be that the Teamviewer website may have been replaced by a fake website who have logged users information, during the period in which the website was inaccessible due to the aforementioned DNS problems and DoS-attack.

In any case, you should be aware that there is no suspicious activity at your Teamviewer-computer. You should certainly change your password into Teamviewer if you use the program with a login and has been past Teamviewer website in the course of the last few days. If you want to be on the safe side completely, it will best be to uninstall the program, until there has been clarity about what has led to the many episodes of abusing computers.

In the meantime, there are many other alternatives like LogMeIn, Remote Desktop Chrome and RealVNC.