Telecom in the Fixed Network Test 2015: 2nd Place

Compared with 1 & 1, Deutsche Telekom shows slight lag in all tested disciplines. However, she achieved a respectable second-place finish.

Easily knocked off, but still very respectable results, Deutsche Telekom ends up two this year to rank. As in the previous year, the market leader with a mix of DSL, VDSL and two fiber optic ports participates in assessment. Their services are overall convincing, however the telecom network across the Board in all tested disciplines has beaten the winner of 1 & 1.

Several reasons for 2nd place

The reasons for this, that’s this time not handed in one place, at various points: apparently the router Speedport W724V at full load not quite with the stronger Fritz box by default supplied by Telekom can keep 7490, which uses 1 & 1 in its own version. In addition, that the connection used to test ISDN telephone interface at the test connections through the new external ISDN adapter (ITA – ISDN terminal adapter) took place, which had to contend with problems during the test. A new, fixed version of the firmware was able to supply Deutsche Telekom only shortly before end of test.

Yet provides the telecom network in the discipline of language after 1 & 1 the second best performance. The Bonner so obviously have made the switch of telephony on IP technology in the handle. Also, calls from the Telecom IP landline at the Telekom cellular network provide very good characteristics. Also this link seems to be so well implemented.

  • Try it yourself! The DSL speed test connect

But also the data measurements in the telecom network encouraging results brought to light: fast response times when you start up – or downloads and quality of service at the rated Web services talk for the T-Net. Ambitious video player may also pleased that Deutsche Telekom tie offers the shortest ping times to gaming servers with 1 & 1 and NetCologne 11 milliseconds.