Telenor Launches Roam Away and Upgrade All Subscriptions

Telenor launches a brand new and cheaper portfolio of subscriptions with a focus on data with the service Roam Away to data, SMS and voice in 36 countries.

If you are a frequent user of mobile data and also want to be able to surf loose around Europe without ending up with a sky-high Mobile Bill is Telenor’s new portfolio of subscriptions worth a look.

Today sorts Telenor for out for several of its subscriptions, just as you can enjoy, to the updated subscriptions will have added yet more data to while the price drops on more. Last but not least, there are free roaming with data, SMS and voice in 36 countries in Europe for most of the subscriptions.

“We want to make it simple to be a customer of Telenor, and therefore we now launches a simple portfolio, which takes as its starting point the needs of our customers. We can see that the Danes are going crazy in the data, because the special television and music streaming pulls much data. That is why there is filled well up with data in packets, “ says Telenor commercial Director Lars T.

A year ago, launched its first actions Telenor to provide customers with free roaming in 28 European countries, but it applied only to text and talk. You have therefore not carefree could watch a movie or browse on the go during the summer holidays with Telenor subscriptions-but you can now.

The new regime Roam Away is included in two out of three upgraded Telenor subscriptions to individuals and not least the two family subscriptions. Roam Away-system means you get free voice/SMS as well as 10 GB of data in 36 European countries. Just as with 3 you can not roam with the same amount of mobile data, as your subscription includes for use in Denmark.

The 36 countries in Europe are:

Belgium Ireland Monaco Slovakia
Bulgaria Iceland Montenegro Slovenia
Cyprus Italy Northern Ireland Spain
England Croatia Norway Sweden
Estonia Latvia Poland Czech Republic
Finland Liechtenstein Portugal Germany
France Lithuania Romania Hungary
Greece Luxembourg Serbia Wales
Netherlands Malta Scotland Austria

More data at a lower cost

In recent months, seen price increases with most telcos – Telenor included, but now cuts the phone company a share of the price and upgrade at the same time, the amount of data in order to reach out to the many data-hungry customers, that streams loose like never before. The new subscriptions are as follows:

FREE + 5 GB 179.0-upgraded for free + 10 GB to 149.0-.
FREE + 10 GB 199.0-upgraded for free + 20 GB for the same price and includes now Roam Away in 36 countries.
FREE + 30 GB 299.0-upgraded for free + 40 GB for 249.0-and includes now Roam Away in 36 countries.
FREE + 10 GB 199.0-upgraded to family for FREE + 20 GB Family for the same price and includes now Roam Away in 36 countries.
FREE + 30 GB Family of 299.0-will be for free + 40 GB Family to 249.0-and includes now Roam Away in 36 countries.

This means that BASIS Smart for 129 crowns with 2 GB of data, 10 hours of talk and free SMS/MMS is deleted together with FREE + 5 GB Family to 179.0-with 5 GB of data, free SMS/voice in the Nordic region and free MMS in Denmark.