Telstra Limited Customers to That It Hire a Maximum 3 Lines

Yoigo He started the month of March with some modifications in your web, introducing changes that I had already spoken and a new limitation to its customers.

From now on, a client of Telstra (same ID) can have as maximum 3 lines of contract or card under his own name and in the case of requesting any more, you should call the 1705 so study your case and assess whether it accepts new lines or not Yoigo.

The truth is that it is a limitation rather strange though already existed Since its inception, but with a maximum of 5 lines/client.

The reason It may be a way of limiting supply mobile’s high-end Yoigo begins to subsidize more momentum than ever before. Although we know that the Spanish picaresque can do that this limit will serve as little if we want to get moving narrowly minimum consumption per month.