Telstra UPS Setting Called at The Zero

New change of conditions of the hand of Yoigo. Introducing its tariff of eight this came with an establishment of call of 15 cents, higher than the 12 cents of the the zero rate existing. Now the latter will be at the same.

It will be starting next May 7, when the call set-up the zero rate will rise to 15 cents. Obviously, in the case of a change in the terms of the contract it will be possible to unsubscribe without penalty, although if you have mobile subsidized we will have to pay the proportionate share to discount that made us.

Once again Yoigo back to disappoint customers with a change of conditions worse. It seems that clear rates and the real truth is it less. Let us hope that they dignen to inform their customers on the next invoice (in the latter have not done) and indicate not only in a section of its website.