Tesla Motors: Take Control Of Your Car Via Smartwatch

If you are owner of an electric car by Tesla, one thanks to the latest integrated technology and interfaces today almost to the tech elite among car drivers. 

With the launch of the new Apple Smartwatch, Tesla driver in the future will get another gadget on the wrist to wirelessly control the new electric cars. It functions not only on the battery and temperature are limited, but are also the opening and closing of the car, as well as the control of music, climate and other features in the and allow the popular electric cars Tesla . What you otherwise can do with the new Apple Smartwatch app for Tesla Electric cars and how it controls are, see and you read in this post with us on future trends.

Tesla: Control Your Car Via Smartwatch

The most Tesla use driver the Smartphone applications available today for the most successful manufacturers of electrically powered vehicles. In the near future, taking advantage of the Smartphone application of the past could belong to, because Tesla is currently developing the next step in the wireless control of his car. With the Apple Smartwatch is coming into April on the market, Tesla launch, with which you can make more than with the existing mobile applications for the fast electric caris a new app for the wrist. And all this via the touch a clock. Responsible for the new Tesla car app is the Entwicklerhaus of Mohd Labs, the recently due to Apple BB´s current constraints to the development of new apps complained. Nevertheless these are the new features that will bring the new Tesla car app for the Apple Smartwatch.

The New Features Of The Tesla Car App

Because the Apple Smartwatch should appear only in April and some developer problems with Apple BB´s current limitations for app development, could be the one or the other app for Apple BB´s Smartwatch, unfortunately including the Tesla Smartwatch app appear a little later. The developer from the House of Mohd Labs but following features advance times announced, including a workbook on the position of the car can be seen to find it in large parking lots or in a foreign city, monitor the charge status of the electric battery, control of air-conditioning and sound system, opening and closing the doors, pressing the Horn or but the control of the taillights. Also you can be picked from the car even touch on the doorstep. It’s in the vein of Knight Rider. All go naturally intuitive from the hand and the functional area will also increase with time. Bottom line: The new Tesla Smartwatch app is not a revolution in the mobile space, but probably one of the coolest gadgets for drivers at all. Astonished friends are here guaranteed by Psyknowhow.