Test: Firefox Mobile 1.0 for Nokia N900

We have tested the new mobile version of the Firefox browser, which has now been released in a version for Maemo platform.

Fennec is the code name for the mobile version of the Firefox browser as Mozilla team now has finally been released in a sharp version. The finished version is so far only available for the Nokia N900 and N810-phones but the browser is already also in an alpha version for Windows Mobile. An early test version of Android is expected shortly.

Firefox Mobile 1.0 uses the same technology as the desktop version of the application and they use just like this also by TraceMonkey engine to run Javascript. When thoughts down the program, the Installer file is less than 2.3 mb large, quite a few of the features that the browser has not installed. These may instead install among the plugins that are available to download.

One of the extensions is called the YouTube enabler and do as the name suggests that it is possible to watch YouTube videos in your Web browser. Another tool is called Weave Sync and makes it possible to synchronize the mobile Firefox browser with the same on your computer to have the same bookmarks, history, passwords and more stored on them Near Me called a supplementary tool that allows one to use the built-in GPS-a in your phone to find pizzerias, cafes, gas stations and other things close to where you are. Installing add-ons simply go to the program model. In a list, select the extension you want to install, and after a restart of Firefox, just start using it, and Then you will have easy access to the extensions in the right menu bar, which you activate by touching the stylus towards the left from the right wing on the phone’s screen.

The browser displays Web pages in full size on screen. It means that for the most part don’t have to scroll sideways to see the sites you visit and that looks the same as on the browser in a desktop computer. On graphics-heavy pages drop Firefox but not really with real time render the content if you scroll up and down quickly on this page, the screen is filled instead by a grey plaid pattern. A clever feature in the browser is the ability to use multiple tabs to have different sites open at once. The various tabs scroll easily between in the left menu bar, where you can see thumbnail images of what is shown in the various tabs.