Test: Google Nexus S

Before each year seem to Google select a mobile manufacturer may make Google’s own phone. For 2011, it was the Samsung which was producing the treat Google Nexus S. Here is the full test.

It was presented as a Christmas gift to all Google employees. Given that Google is the company behind Android, you realise that this cannot be the dozen phone. On the contrary, right? And the Nexus S is actually a real treat. It is not so much in the shell that provides a wow experience with Nexus S. Sure, it’s stylish, high-gloss black. The screen is superb, Samsung’s super amoled screens tend to be. The density and contrast is the best you will find on the market at present.

Above all, this is a super fast phone. It is most likely not only to Samsung pressed their GPS processor (1 GHz Hummingbird) but also that it is the first mobile phone with Android 2.3, and speed feels like one of the most visible improvements with the new Android system. The most visible with the new Android is otherwise graphical system might become more tastefully in their design. But it’s not just that the Nexus S has the latest Android version which is the thing. For the Android system is actually the same. They have their home screens that you can fill with bar widgets and shortcuts. In the top of the screen has a status line that can be drawn down as a blind-wherever you are in the system. And so it has all the Google related apps-address book, calendar, and of course Android Market where you can find thousands of additional apps that make the cell phone to what you really want. Google’s pristine version

All that is almost exactly like previous Android. The point of this particular version of Android (the person sitting in the Nexus phones) are at least as much that it is Google’s “pristine” version of Android to get in under the hood on his phone. It is, of course, for better or worse. Many of the manufacturers (HTC, Sony Ericsson, Samsung etc) adds a a lot of nifty extras in their Android phones. But with Google’s pristine Android to get first option to update their phone to new versions of Android and Google services.

Copy and paste the text has become a little easier with new Android. Now you can select text by holding your finger on a paragraph in the text for a while, and then drag out a selection field to any major textsjok. It works in much the same way in the browser in the notification system, seamlessly. HTC has a similar solution of its Androids, but where do you get the opportunity to look up a selected word in the Web.

Video call is a new opportunity with new Android. For example, install the app, Tango, you can make free video calls to other Android phones. Google is also working on producing its own version of Google Talk where in addition to chat to make free video calls, in the same way that it was previously with Google Talk and Nokia’s Linux phones. Soon it becomes thus possible even with the Nexus s.

For video calls

The phone also has a front camera above the screen, only for video calls. On the back is a 5-megapixel camera that feels really good on still images. Especially impresses most with that very often get to the pictures good, whether you are outside or indoors in dim light. Photo light works very well together with the camera’s software to balance the light in pictures indoors. However, what might surprise some is how few options you get in camera mode. One of the few settings you can make, however, is to turn the macro mode for real close-ups, which impresses the undeniable Nexus.

But when it comes to the camera, I’ve really only two big complaints. One is that the camera button is missing. It feels weird to have to go in and click around on the screen to bring up the camera mode. Often want to take a picture right quick, right? The second complaint is that you can’t film in HD resolution, but only 720 x 480 (wvga). Compared to all the other androids Act-it’s certainly a disadvantage of the Nexus s.

The Internet then? Google is (as you know) an Internet company and the browser and other internet features are at the top of the priority list may not surprise. The nexus S has a browser that works really really well. I am most surprised of how good Flash features, not least the Web tv, usually works. I write usually – not always. The problem is that some heavy Flash pages can get the browser to more or less zonka together and refuse to answer, so that you can force quit it. But aside from that, the browser works as usual in Android radiant. You can zoom by pinch with your fingers, and you want to zoom in and read a text column you just double-tap on the column.

Facebook and Twitter are integrated in the system, and you simply add up the account details for Google, Twitter and Facebook directly for the first time to set up the phone. Then it’s just to share images, Web links and more criss-cross to their contacts and social networks.

16 GB of memory from the start

A little strange peculiarity with the Nexus S is that the phone has 16 GB of storage memory. Paragraph. There is thus no place for memory cards. It has chosen the same solution as Apple and Microsoft, with a fixed defined user memory. Maybe it’s to make it easier for regular users-who don’t have to think about the purchase of memory card. For most of us is the 16 GB storage memory altogether glorious. But for those who want to be able to build out their mobile phone with a really fat memory card is of course a clear negative that there is no memory card slot. One thing that is good is that we can now put some of the apps to install on storage memory. This means that you can fit with almost as many apps as you like.

The nexus S is in many ways the best Android on the market right now, particularly because it is so fast in the system, the camera is good and the screen is wonderfully enjoyable. What you lose, compared with, for example, HTC or Sony Ericsson’s Android lurks is including a lot of clever widgets to put on your home screens. Especially the HTC are superior to master to build into a bunch of extras, ranging from search to translations. Here you get instead Android in vaniljversion, as Google would have it.

HTC, Sony Ericsson and LG counters with a stack as sharp Androids like this soon. But right now it is probably still the Nexus S leading Android race.

On the other hand

Erik M: Curved shape allows the feels much better in your hand. Screen, do I react on, feels like a slap in the face and then in a positive sense with extremely bright colors. Small graphical effects, icons, flavour to sail away on a conveyor belt and the screen goes off like an old tv when you turn it off.

Questions and answers

Swedish language in the menus?

Not if you buy it from the United States, which we did, but when it is sold in Sweden.

Can one film with the light on?

Yep, it is excellent.

You will be able to charge up your phone to the next version of Android?

Yes, it’s going to go.