Test: Insta 360 Nano-Panorama For Iphone

360-degree cameras are trendy. The insta playing 360 Nano specifically with the iPhone.

Since 2016 can upload on Facebook also 360 ° panoramas, a feature that more and more people make use of the results in a quick search in the own timeline. Friendly service from verreisenden colleagues and friends, to provide that it may be somewhere else also beautiful us an all-around an impression.

The topic virtual reality is more interesting in the Apple environment, even though the iPhone manufacturer even despite all the rumors and speculation has still no such product on offer. While the idea for the Insta360 Nano could come from Cupertino, comfortably the 360 ° camera connects to the iPhone, which delivers her images as a monitor, Internet access device, and even as a projector for a virtual panoramic view using a cardboard VR glasses. The Mac but lacks Board funds to start something, but more on that later.

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The camera weighed about 70 grams can be easily on the iPhone with lightning connection and starting the series iPhone 6 (with iOS 8.1 or higher) to plug – the iPhone may stuck in any case, iPhone 5 and 5s does not fail also to their software and hardware facilities, but simply on their thickness.

Easy coupling to the app, but…

Immediately after we to have plugged the Nano in the Insta360 on the Lightningport of our iPhone 7 , the camera is asking us to download the best free app from the app store.This serves not only as mentioned for creating, viewing, and parts of the recordings, but also the configuration of the device. We want equal times select, whether the camera takes a time-lapse video in their iPhone-free mode with triple press on their on/off switch and enabled (this later…) not a self-timer and determine that we need once a new firmware for this. It is loaded within a short time and installed, then we sign to us for our testing purposes in the service of the provider Insta 360. This is by no means mandatory, can be handy but if you lose the camera – photos and videos are preserved. Otherwise, the app saves the recordings in their own area, they don’t show up in the camera roll of our iPhones.

No iPhone required

But separately, you can use the camera, the iPhone is used as monitor and control, and last but not least as a storage and distribution. Used a TF card up to 64 GB capacity, you can use the camera but even without iPhone to capture pictures and videos, the recordings are then saved on the card and on its memory transfer until the next connection to the phone. But also be connected via USB to a computer is possible. Only the Mac programs “Photos” and “Digital images” does not recognize the format on a map what is also not surprising. For playing the panoramic photos and videos, Studio offers the manufacturer on its website but the free programs Insta360Player and Insta360.

The Insta360 Nano of also their energy for the hours mAh according to manufacturer 800 full battery refers to on the micro-USB connector. This is not abundant, and ranges in our test for not very many videos and pictures before the app with a yellow icon indicates that it is time for the socket again. There is no battery indicator on the device itself. A charger is not, but it can be with a micro-USB cable connected to any energy suppliers.

We want to know now more precisely how long the battery lasts through and solo set the camera in our pencil box on the desk and let them record a time lapse video – every second an image. The test stops after a quarter of an hour, because on those 15 minutes recording time is limited. We set the limit in the settings up on 60 minutes and start again with full battery. Behold: After an hour, the camera displays a status light and no longer connects battery to when connecting to the iPhone app – empty. To recharge, we connect the device on our MacBook and extract the time-lapse film of the memory card it immediately. In fact, he shows a period of an hour. On demand the manufacturer assures us that the battery can ensure 60-to 70-minute records, whether or not the camera on the iPhone is connected. We verify that the following day with a video recording, and more. Because videos a limit of 15 minutes is set at the factory, which only switched off, the maximum time is then 29 minutes. But by far not together, we get the promised hour film, after two regular finished 15-Minütern deadline is the third film after about ten minutes. And not only the battery which is Insta360 Nano then empty, but also of the iPhone 7 half emptied. Power filmmaker should think always of thepower base in the accessory bag.

Panorama with a blind spot

There round to cameras in many versions, depending on use longer lenses, the image is better. Because when the stitching, so merging the images, forced artifacts in the form of edge lighting waste or barrel-shaped distortion. The more lenses in use are, the less you fail, but even with two opposite the wide angle lenses, 360-degree panoramas can be take on. The Insta360 Nano comes out with exactly two lenses covering each 210 degrees with their Fischaugenobtik. Also at the edges of the fields, no disturbing errors noticed us.

But always to see whats on the (moving) images: the cameraman. With a most exhausting facial expression. Ugly. Therefore, there is also a self timer. Understood! The camera sews together the two images in real time, so also live video via Facebook with visibility possible. Not to see the camera and optional connected iPhone are in the composition course. A little to cover over this blind spot, the app offers three blending options with and without logo.

The picture quality is decent, the manufacturer specifies a resolution of 3.040 x 1,520 pixels and 30 frames per second video. Whoever wants to can provide his pictures with a number of effects in the recording, are also possible exposure setting or HDR shots.

Just look at

Who enthusiastically grabs the Insta360 Nano, cable and bag takes the carton and immediately disposed of it, commits a serious error. As the highlight of the box is that it serves as a cardboard VR glasses. To you put the iPhone with the screen down in the lid, when it is switched on the VR mode on the app. So you can dive again right in the scene, which has itself previously photographed or filmed with sound.

Conclusion and recommendation

Whether 360-degree photography on a broad basis will prevail or is reserved for specialists and enthusiasts, we can hardly say. With the Insta360 Nano succeeds but the entry without remorse, the camera is suited with their price from 240 euro fine for this.The quality of images to convince knows only the battery life leaves a little to be desired.But round to photos and videos already rather should remain the exception, the camera normally should have to in the evening again ago iPhone or Apple Watch to the power supply.