Test of Samsung’s Tiny Projector

Samsung says it can fit in a Palm, but then you must have rich dasslock to the hands. Apart from that, the projector is not so crazy.

When the screen on your phone is too small, it may be fun to be able to project the image on a wall. Samsung showed a cellphone with built-in projector a year ago at a trade show, but it has not appeared in Sweden. The problem with a small projector is understood to be faint and not much more than a fun toy. Samsung’s tiny projector steps out of the toy stage, both in terms of price, brightness and function.

In addition to a lamp, the projector has stereo speakers and a built-in Media Player. It allows you to connect a thumb drive or a phone as a mass storage device, play movies or clips directly into the projector. The projector’s built-in player has approved support for different video types, the plays mpeg1, mpeg2 and mpeg4 and can handle xvid/p >

The advantage is, rather, it is rather easy to take, it can be used for job presentations, at screenings or using a computer with a tv tuner. But keep in mind that the right low brightness requires that it is pretty dark in the room where you will be projecting. The fan allows some but not that it bothers. The built-in loudspeakers provide an okay sound, but it will sound a lot nicer if you instead run the sound through a stereo and just use the projector to the image.

It weighs about a kilo and you get with a square nylon bag to carry it in. to be a mobile projector feels pretty great, but given the built-in functions feels it’s still okay. You can certainly find better projectors at the same price, the advantage of this is well then that it has built-in Media Player and speakers, so you don’t need any more gadgets to watch a video.