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Compatible with: Nokia N73 with X-series, later as a separate service

Price: £ 149 per month as part of the X-series Silver

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The wait has been long, but for several years now has Skype themselves said that they wanted to distance themselves from the computer and take their ip-calls to other devices. Although there have been third-party applications that connect to Skype, this is the first true mobile betting from Skype’s page. The program is for Series 60 and launched first, along with Three and their X-series subscriptions. Later, however, is the idea that it should be offered to the Tres customers who also standalone service and then to the customers of other operators.

Of course it works Skype on your phone a little bit different than you’re used to from your computer, but your contact list and your Skype account comes with just as you are used to.

In Nokia N73 that we use to test the Skype is installed from the start, just like any other application that is included in the X-series. The program can be started in the background so that you are available for all your Skype contacts even when you are using your phone for other purposes. The status of your contacts is updated constantly and they see all the time who are online. To make a call to a Skypekontakt simply select the name and press the Green handset. In practice, then the connection the first road as a regular voice call, but then linked it from the server over the internet to the recipient whether he or she sits in Tokyo or in Tomelilla. In Tres X-series subscriptions include unlimited usage and it is calling to their Skype contacts how much you want to. The same applies when receiving calls. Your Skype contacts calling you just as if you were sitting at your computer and when the call comes the phone’s usual ringtone, for the last piece to your mobile, it is simply a regular phone call. The message “Skype call” comes up and just reply as usual.

Compared to Skype on the computer is missing a few services. For example, you cannot text chat on Skype in your mobile phone. When you are connected to Skype from your mobile, there is no chat function at all, but those who try to chat with you, in an autoresponder. They get the message that you are using a version of Skype that do not support chat and it is certainly better than to messages just disappear as we experienced with some wireless phones customized for Skype.

Nor is Skypein or Skypeout in mobile version, and you can neither make Skype calls to ordinary fixed or mobile telephone number. Neither can you receive calls even if you subscribe to the service, Skypein and has a regular phone number associated with your Skype account.

On Three warrants to it partly because the available services are the most sought-after by customers and by pointing out that with the help of his usual mobile subscriptions already have a phone number you can be reached at.

Score: 6


Compatible with: Nokia N73 with X-series, later as a separate service

Price: 299 kr per month as part of the X-series Gold

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There has been much talk about mobile tv, but very little has happened. With its new service 3Show concern three undeniably on the Pan, for the operator’s new television service, which is part of the X-series is actually better than the original. It’s simply better in many ways than the tv you have at home in your full-sized device.

The conditions, however, is different, of course. The screen is much smaller on the N73 as three uses in its X-series service but the service that uses the 3 g network to receive tv broadcasts actually surpasses your regular tv on a few points. First of all, it is very easy to use. 3Show borrows features from both your tv and cable box and do it in a very smart way. To navigate easily between channels and programs and after selecting the channel you want to see, it takes a few seconds before the broadcast is displayed. The reason for the small delay is that the phone needs a few seconds to buffer the shipment because it is broadcast via the regular cellular network. The tv picture comes up first in a small box on the screen, along with the channel selector and a program guide where you can see the current program on the channels that are available. It looks much like the guide in a typical digital tv box. But there is one important difference. In 3Show can also browse programs that have already aired. To change channels by scrolling up and down in the list of programs. Once you’ve found the channel you are looking for, you can search for the programmes up to seven days back in time. Have you missed the news, whether it’s 5 minutes or five hours, it is possible, therefore, to repair. With children feel constant access to a week of broadcasts from children’s channel Nickelodeon as a rescuer in many situations. Just at that point is 3Show particularly impressive in practice and combines features from the tv, set-top box and hard drive video in one and the same service. The fact is that you can browse upcoming programs and add reminders. Three have done a really good job of integrating all these features without the service becomes difficult or messy to use. Everything feels very neat and intuitive. Select a program that has not yet sent a reminder of it in your phone’s calendar and you are reminded just before the shipment starts.

Yet there are also some disadvantages of the service. For example, does not have Three rights to view past programs from all the channels it offers, and compared to a standard tv provider’s channel lineup a bit hard up, something like three safe working to fix. TV4 shows while their regular news broadcasts directly into the mobile channel, but most of the rest of the time will be shown with only a loop that tells when the newscasts today. In the channel lineup lacks, primarily the most popular Swedish channels, not least, Sveriges Television, but also on TV3, Kanal 5 and other popular channels.

Promotional teases you on quickly in mobile tv. When I look at the channels of supply, it is mainly regular broadcasts from the news channels I watch and then feels like five minutes advertising break on the way to or from work like an eternity and a sure reason to change the channel.

As tv works anyway Nokia N73 as three uses of 3Show and X-series surprisingly good. The picture is really cute and the screen is big enough to be able to read text on the screen.

Score: 9

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On paper, it sounds really good. Yoursongs offers you free music while the operators charge between 10 and 15 dollars to download and buy a song via your mobile. In Yoursongs to get free songs in terms of answering some questions in a type of market research. Unfortunately, the download cost as regular datataxa and it makes the song very expensive after all. You can choose to instead get the song sent via email, but when we tested it has the email does not arrive.

It sure is nice to offer free music, but unfortunately is not directly supply of songs from head the list. As a Subscriber, you get one song per week and it comes in the form of an sms link to a page where you have to answer the questions that you qualify for the free song.

The selection of music seems rather haphazard and none of the songs seem to be from a known artist. Because there is only one song a week is also quite big, that it’s a song you don’t like. Had we had more opportunity to choose which song they wanted to be rewarded with had the service been healthier than I now experience it.