Test USB 3.0 Hub

Hello geeks!

Today I propose to discover a USB 3.0 HUB that offers 3 additional USB 3.0 ports as well as an Ethernet (RJ45) Gigabit.

Frankly it’s a must-have accessory for those who have a laptop with limited connectivity.

You can plug all you want and enjoy a transfer at high speed with USB 3.0 port.

As a bonus you have a RJ45 that is perfect for laptops that have Wifi.

All plugs hot without installing anything.

A CD with drivers installation is still provided, but it’s for older PC (Windows XP, Vista etc…) or other systems to the need (Mac OS, Linux).

We appreciate its compact format allowing you to carry it around with either.

USB ports are sufficiently apart for not bumping between them and a small LED to show the activity of each of the ports.

The RJ45 has 2 LED, one to confirm the good connection and the other to show network activity.

Besides I could test a transfer from more than 100 MB / dry on the Ethernet Jack we have Gigabit output.

The Matt black plastic case is very elegant and a little messy.

It should be noted that the HUB has no external power, you will not be able to connect several hard disks at the same time it.

Here are the photos taken during the test:

  • Here is the packaging of the product
  • Everything is carefully packed and protected
  • Inside: the HUB, a mini CD and a warranty after a manual
  • Here are the 3 taken USB 3.0 with their time LED
  • Here are the Ethernet (Gigabit) Jack
  • The case is compact and the cable just enough long to not have the HUB stuck to the PC
  • Here’s another view of the USB HUB

If you are interested in the USB HUB, you should know that it is sold by Aukey on Amazon  from € 19.99 where I write these lines.

It’s really the essential accessory for those who have a laptop with limited connectivity.

Cheers for other tests.